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» Quiz: If we were to date it would be...(female only)
If we were to date it would be...(female only)
created by nn_step


1.) You spent the night at my apartment, in the morning you feel...
Tired, we fucked all night
At peace meditation good.
Tired; Amp, hex and 256 bit encryption get me off, oooh.
Like I need a wheel chair, mr. big....
like I need to bury your remains and wash the blood off.
Mmmmmm; Amp, binary and sweet music had fun all night long

2.) At the end of the first date we would....
Fuck like it's going out of style.
John 3:16
Arguing about the third meopotamian shift.
In bathroom stall with my lesbian lover.
I don't date I feed on the stupid!
Something, you know.

3.) What we would spend most of our time doing..
Hello sex, we're only on page 128 of the karma sutra.
Cute semi-sexual gestures and making out.
Arguing about some new topic everyday.
Wouldn't you like to know. (sound of handcuffs)
Me feasting on your remains.
Feeling the love.

4.) We exist because...
Our monkey ancestors fucked.So we must follow in their tradition.
God has a plan, and we have a purpose.
Darwin covered this.
So i can experiment, chains anyone?
I evil, you food. My corpse thrown to floor.
Love makes us whole

5.) Common but helpful...
The color of my handcuffs.
Blood red splattered on walls but not any blood, Yours!
Bullshit question you already know my answer.

6.) When sex in relationship?
Now! Me so very horney!
After marriage.
When we're emotionally ready.
Bathroom stall five min.
After I kill you.
When it happens and when we're both ready.

7.) What song would describe you?
It's getting hot in here.
Jesus loves the little children.
Fuck her gently
Rape me
Rage by darkmood biatch.
anything except those that yodal, they piss me off.

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