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» Quiz: What Kind of Pervert are You?
What Kind of Pervert are You?
created by Metis

Well, the sad thing is.... THIS THING DOESN'T ALLOW YOU TO DELETE ANSWERS THAT YOU DIDN"T WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Teeheeh! Please don't rate my first quiz if you think it sucks. ;_;

1.) If you were somehow a super pervert and were skilled and trained yourself in the following, what power would you use?
Infravision - ( Allows you to see in pure darkness. )
Invisibility - ( Allows you to become invisible to those around you. )
Teleportation - ( Exactly what it does, teleports you to a relative location in your mind. )
Morph - ( You can morph yourself into objects, beings, or particles itself. )
Strength - ( You are able to prevent things from happening, as some can be stronger than you. )
X-Ray Vision - ( You can see through garments, walls, doors, and practically anything you wish. )
None - ( You don't need abilities or props to help you, your body is all you need. )

2.) After you have done that, it's about midnight and you figured you would find a partner for the night. What place is first on your mind for an ideal date?
A Goth Night Club - ( Mmmn, tasty morsels await here with heavy music and the dancing may interest you. )
Coffee Shop - ( It's raining outside and you may be able to work on your unfinished poetry or any ideas )
A Strip Club - ( Lay back and relax as you are the one getting pleasure now, just staying aware of any beautiful beings. )
The Streets - ( As it's raining, you hope that a partner might find you as you are walking through every alley-way. )
A Rooftop - ( You view which morsel you'd like to have for a nice partner, best way to approach them is unexpectedly.)
A Library - ( You could definitely find an intellectual partner to be all the pervert you need to be with here. )
A Resturaunt - ( Chinese, japanese, american- Doesn't matter to you, it's romantic in your eye. )

3.) A young male/female walks up to you out of the blue looking quite ravishingly, what happens or what do you do?
Aroused - ( Wow, sexy. I'd sure like to get into their pants. Mre0w! )
Sigh - ( This will probably get me a little attention, and maybe they'd ask me about it. )
Smile - ( I wonder if he/she likes roses and moon lit nights. )
Smirk - ( Ooou, very ravishing, indeed. Perhaps he/she could be fun. )
Talk Sweetly - ( Good, maybe he/she won't recognize my intentions. Hehe. )
Continue Writing - ( Maybe he/she will ask about my poetry, perhaps he/she would tell me something intimate. )
Look up to smile and continue reading - ( I wonder if he/she likes sex stories as much as I do. )

4.) Choose the combination of colors that are most appealing to you.
Black, Red ( Sounds kind of like roses and their beauty )
Black, Silver ( Mhm, my tastes are one in a million. )
Black, Purple ( Mmmn.. kinkeh! )
Black, Green ( Does this make me look smart? )
Black, Pink ( Makes me tingle inside. )
Black, Blue ( I don't really care.. --Sigh.-- )
Black, White ( This is how I view my world. )

5.) As the person has finished talking and left with a wink, before the person leaves you do what?
Walk in front of the person and bring a flower of some type to their face, declaring something about a room and pleasure.
Begin to recite from your poetry document about lust and sex as they walk away, but the person slowly stopping to avert their eyes upon you.
Start dry humping him/her right then and there while other people are still watching, not minding the crowd, you prefer it even.
Sigh and start daydreaming about having him/her in your bed all draped with tattered clothes.
Move behind the person and snake your arms around their waist, pulling them close to your body as you whisper in their ear.
Walk up behind him/her and gently pat the person on the ass and escape into the crowd so they wouldn't know it was you.
Stand in front of the door way reading versus from a book you had found in the library and start moving closer to them.

6.) When you are alone, what do you daydream about? What things are on your mind?
A room full of candles, dark in a somewhat romantic place as a pool of massage oil lays beside you and another person upon their stomach.
The poetry I make turning someone's heart into a dazzy confusion as they fall in love with your speaking.
A group of people having massive orgies, and the unbelievable sounds of their climaxes all for you.
Being alone with my partner in a cold place as you both exhange saliva, declaring your inner most desire and secret.
A room full of toys, whips, chains, and other items to arouse your partner in the most sexual and pleasurable way they have never been pleased before.
Spying upon your partner as they are taking a hot bath, as they open the curtain asking you to join them.
Viewing on your partners past relationships and making them realize that you are not like others, that you have sexual wants, needs, and common sense.

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