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created by curious_gurl69

THIs quiz will figure out whether you love it or hate it, and give you some masturbation techniques and ideas as well, hopefully!

1.) how often do you masturbate??
never. and i don't want to start.... yucky!!!!
at least twice a day
3-4 times a week
umm not more thant 7 times a month
ha! i'm masturating right NOW!!!!

2.) where do you usually masturbate?
in my bedroom with the curtains shut tight and the door locked for privacy
the few times i do it, it's in the bedroom and i'm very quiet and it often doesn't satisfy me very well
anywhere! just make sure no one embarrassing is around...
ANYWHERE BABY! around anyone, in all weather types... im doing it nd im doing it goooooood!!!!!

3.) whats ur masturbation style??
i dont have a style
you can have a style???? how GROSSSSSSS!!
i try new things and i usually know what i am doing
fantasising with lots of sex toys.... dildos, vibrators, you have the whole collection!
oh i do it and i do it goooooood!!!! when i feel the need for something else, i just grab whatever object is aroud me coz im so into it!!!!
no no NO!!!!!!

4.) who do you masturbate with??
my boyfriend/girlfriend
im so embarrassed to do it with anyone else!!!
ewww you do it with other people????
anyone around, but i'm fine by myself too!!!!
usually people who i know are good at helping out
ewwwwwwwwwww LEMME OUTTA HERE!!!!!

5.) what do you masturbate to??
i dont need anything.... im always in the zooooone.... ;-)
i had a lot of trouble finding things that i could masturbate to.... but i eventually found my poster of topless brad pitt....
fantasies about gang bangs, and action with the same sex, even though you've never done it before, it turns you ON!!!!!
thoughts of my lover or my crush

6.) What are your undies like?
undies? i dont wear em... and the few ones that i do have are all stained with cum!!!!!
sexy and seductive
something easy to rip off and masturbate
ummm normal panties that my mum buys at the department store for me...

7.) how often do you fantasize??
all the time, except for when im getting some real action!!!!!
sometimes i fantasize about long walks on the beach and dreamy dates with my crush from high school....
what do you mean??? about that hot new racer bike???
hmm quite a bit... but sometimes i dont have time to fantasize...
lots and lots... but i sometimes drift away... ;P

8.) what describes you at a night by yourself?
in bed, feeling myself up
on top of the bed covers, masturbating all out, and trying to figure out how to lick your own pussy/cock
practising my cheerleader dance
on the floor, naked, masturbating sooo good that your screaming with delight... you couldn't even make it into the bed you're so horny!!!!!!!

9.) what are you doing right now??????
doing this quiz, and being REALLY grossed out!!!!!
fingering myself coz im bored :p
um... doing this quiz...
you're sooo wet just thinking abou masturbation!!!!! you're masturbating now,!!!!!
i was masturbating at the start of this damn quiz!!!! im naked sitting on my chiar, moaning and fingering myself and feeling myself up

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