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» Quiz: What sex act/position are you REALLY?
What sex act/position are you REALLY?
created by MissFortune

This is a test to find out what sex act/position you really are

1.) What grouping of words appeals to you the most?
Lollipop....ice cream cone....candy cane.....strawberries.....
eyes....deep.....hair.....football goal post.....pretzels
tight jeans..rearview mirror...spanking....apples..hearts...hips

2.) What is your favorite part of your partner's body?
Face and eyes
their genitals
All of them Im more interested in how far I can push things


4.) If you had your way which one of the following would apply.....for a birthday night of sex?
Im spending my birthday alone...but hey I can handle that...my own company is amazing anyway!
i would want to meet up with someone after many drinks at the bar...I don't even care what they look like as long as they have a heartbeat.
it's my birthday so it's all about Me and I want to get the most rewards with the least ammount of effort....I am the King/Queen of my damn day.
I want to go out with my partner for a romantic dinner and then come hoe for a night of candle light and making love...
I am out on the prowl tonight and I want to experience all that I can....and do things that I've never done before....its MY DAY
I am a girl who likes to be in control-why should that stop today? OR Im a guy who likes to lay back and let her take over.

5.) Which statement best describes you?
I am independent and self contained.
I am into pushing limits and alittle on the agressive side.
I love to talk and eat and well hell I can't go for five minutes without something in my mouth.
I am not into looks as much as I am the feeling of things...I'm primal.
I am into watching and kicking back (guys)I am into control and know what Im doing (girls)
I am romantic and classical

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