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» Quiz: What Horse Breed are You?
What Horse Breed are You?
created by the_bridle_path

1.) What characteristic best describes you?
Stuck up

2.) (you are a horse) When someone flicks a whip by your eyes you...
Run your heart out
Turn your head away and ignore it
Swish your tail, but otherwise ignore it
Open up your jaws and SNAP at that darn whip!
Shy away
What whip??? Where???
Pick your knees up higher and extend your stride
Throw your head down quickly and buck like mad

3.) (horse again) What sport do u like best
Reining, cutting, barrel racing, roping, etc.
Western Pleasure
Ranch work
Being the family pet

4.) When you walk into school, everyone....
Notices your athletic physique
Notices your big muscles
Notices your cool hair color
Notices the snooty look on your face
Notices your striking good looks
You aren't noticed
Notices your proud head carriage
Notices the sly look in your eye

5.) When your mom tells you to clean your room you...
Do it, and do it fast, so u can go out and play
Go clean it at your own pace, no need to hurry....but you get it done in good time
Go do it, but with a little attitude thrown in when you say you will do it
Don't do it, but you don't tell her that you didn't do it, you are waiting for her to find out for herself
Tell her off and dont clean it at all, you go out with your friends instead
Shrug and go do it
You tell her that u had already decided to do it that day before she even told u to
Shove all the toys and clothes and whatever u keep in your room under the bed

6.) Your look is
You dont really have one....u go with the flow
Interesting and different
Elegant, but ordinary
amazing beauty
very strange and unique
bold and beautiful
a lil different but very cute

7.) (a horse again) your favorite gait is
galloping really really fast
an easy lope
a nice working trot
collected canter
showy trot, very classy
whatever your rider asks of you
flashy extended trot
a really fast trot, just on the brink of cantering, but you will never EVER break that trot

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