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» Quiz: Lez see how PUNK ROCK u REALLY are
Lez see how PUNK ROCK u REALLY are
created by Loth

heh heh this iz gonna be good...

1.) Who is the only original remaining member of the Misfits still thrashing loud & proud in Punk Musik?
Joey Ramone
Glenn Danzig
Von Frankenstein
Jerry Only

2.) Who is G.G. Allin?
Billy Joe Armstong's father.
A cross dresser & former lover of Ru Paul.
Lead Singer of Murder Junkies
Lead Singer of the Scumfucs

3.) The year 2000 was a sad, sad time in Punk Rock history, why?
Johnny Ramone died of prostate cancer.
Avril Lavigne came to the scene as true punk.
The Misfits, again, changed their lineup and fought Glenn Danzig over music rights.
The New York Dolls' frontman David Johansen died of electrocution in his Los Angeles home.

4.) Finish this line : Just get me to the airport, and put me on a plane, hurry hurry hurry before I go insane
Get me down to Tokyo, and take me to the show.
I can't control my fingers, I can't control my brain.
I want rock, I want roll, put me on the plane and let's go go go.
I want those medz, I want 'em now, I need 'em before I come outta my head head head.

5.) Punk Rock is about :
Eating my own feces & damn near gutting myself with broken beer bottles
Freestylin' with meh wifebeater, yup got meh black eyeliner rite here in meh pocket, now hand me that fukkin' guitar & lemme pretend to play!
Loud, over the top fukkin kill ur parents and eat ur dog for breakfast, then write about it and sing so fukkin fast it'll make their heads spin!!
Think maybe it's about being urself, u know- freedom of speech , censorship and playin loud & proud (whether u can play or not)

6.) Gabba Gabba Hey is :
A new dog training technique
What u say to sumone who won't STFU
A Punk Rock song
The name of England's annual peace festival

7.) Your musical preferences consist mainly of :
Blink 182, Insane Clown Posse & Limp Bizkit
Ozzy, Danzig & Acid Bath
Poison, Motley Crue & Warrant
Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie & Dashboard Confessionals

8.) You can most relate to the views and thoughts of :
Marilyn Manson
Jonathan Davis
Eddie Veddar
Amy Lee

9.) You're most likely to go to a concert in which the acts will pertain to :
Everyone screaming FUCK YOU!!! (after being lured to do so by the frontman) & intense mosh pits.
Pyrotechnics & acoustic melodies.
Everyone shares their bud & hugs one another.
U will need extreme therapy from the aftermath of the show.

10.) You got GREAT tix to a Ramones reunion show, you?
Dig in the back of your closet for your leather pants that you wouldn't normally let your friends even know that you own, & still make sure u hide it.
Get there & stand in front of the stage like u'r kool to have front row in the pit, but when the crowd gets rough, u jet.
U are so fukking excited to see ur favorite band that u tell everyone from the mailman to the customerz at work about it.
U dumbass, most of the Ramones are D E A D ! ! ! (duhhh)

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