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» Quiz: ArE yOu a DAmn LesBiaN oR bisExuAL..or a DirTy LesBiaN? cOme hERe!!
ArE yOu a DAmn LesBiaN oR bisExuAL..or a DirTy LesBiaN? cOme hERe!!
created by xbonitasweetie92x

everr wondered if u were lesbian or bisexual?

1.) Your alone with a grl in a closet for 1 day u would..
Fuck the shit outta her every second n make her moan!
Eat each other out like maniac's
Suck on them big tits..
haha you cant answer ryte now cuz yer gettin wet thinkin abt this shit

2.) Your favorite color iz..
Dark Blue

3.) When yer with 3 of yer hott friends u think of..
Eatin' them bitches out n makin them moan like animals!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if they want sum chips n dip..
Let me suck them tittyysss!!!
finger the shit outta em!
Thinkin of talkin naughty wit em!

4.) Your friend dares u 2 eat yer other friend out u..
fuck yeah i've been dying 2!!
only eat her out?! why not fuck the shit outta her?

5.) Have u ever wanted 2 do naughty shit with yer friend but didnt know if she wanted 2?
i thynk that EVERY second..im a horny grl!
Yeah sumtymes
Most of the tyme yeah
Wow..thats disgusting..

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