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created by 01SEXY_MODEL

the title tells it all babe...

1.) We were on a date, and i grabbed your hand to rub my pussy to feel my cream, you...
Started rubbing insanely, stick ur finger deep in my pussy and then strip and we fuck! (moan)
Rub my pussy until i cum
blush and say maybe later
react shyly and pull ur hand back

2.) We were at a school musical in the auditorium, and the lights started to dim and i accidently touched your stuff... what do you do?
stand up and yell at me and totally ruin the musical
smile and say its okay after i apologized, but get dirty thoughts runnin through ur mind and durin the musical keep fantasizin about doing it to me
Grab my hand immediately and make me rub it, then stick your hand down my panties to take over.
You moan and tell me to keep my hand where it is, and then you get on ur knees in front of me and during the whole musical you eat me out

3.) You met my friends, but you still havent met my parents... when you finally meet them. They said straight up in front of you He/She is not as cute as you said they was! How do you react?
Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Dy, but... i take that as an insult and I believe you should apologize.
I may not be cute, but your daughter is SUPER SEXY! She models her body for me ALL THE TIME! And tonite she told me shes gonna give it to me deeper!
Just scoff and say well.. thanks alot then walk me into my bedroom and start fucking crazy without even caring what my parents thought
Give my parents and I a dirty look, but still fuck me in the best way

4.) What would you get me for Christmas?
A strap on dildo, or your dick, so we'll be put on Santa's naughty list for 2005.
nothing but sex baby!
Anything you want... (wink)
A puppy!!!

5.) When we first met, you asked if you could fuck me, but I wasnt ready then... 2 months later I finally say im ready, you...
smile, say ITS ABOUT TIME! strip, grab my hips, and stick your fingers/dick into my wet and juicy pussy
say its too late babe, i came all over another chick last nite. tata.
eat me out until i cum in your mouth, and finger me intensely but gently
stick your dick/fingers in my pussy, but you come before me.

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