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» Quiz: What Is Your Kink?
What Is Your Kink?
created by Mistress_Carole

Find out what your favorite kink is so you can match up with people in the personals section!

1.) The first thing I notice about a potential sex partner is:
How sexy they are when they're being shy
The interesting facial piercings... wonder where else they have them?
Their body!
How confident they seem
How many people they seem to have hanging off them

2.) My favorite sex toy is:
Anyone in the phone book
My voice
A bull-whip
A video camera
Anything YOU like...
Isn't that naughty?

3.) My ideal job would be:
Winner on American Idol
Head of a big corporation
Professional call girl/gigolo
Secretary or gofer
Rodeo star

4.) My favorite club-wear accessory is:
Black leather vest
A studded collar
Glow-in-the-dark ticklers on my tongue stud
Leather wrist bands
Bare skin
My Just Do Me T-shirt

5.) When in an embarassing situation, I usually:
just go with the flow and see where it takes me
take control of the situation and stay aloof
get giggly or shy
hide in the bathroom stall
make a big deal out of it to get all the attention, even if it's bad
suck it up and deal with it

6.) My strongest personality trait is:
My free spirit
Eager to please
Desire for solitude

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