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» Quiz: Which Ranma 1/2 character are you?
Which Ranma 1/2 character are you?
created by jadesentry

With pictures and detailed answers!

1.) Which of the following words best describes you?

2.) In battle, your style of fighting would be:
confident and skillful
being very direct and forceful
filled with pre-meditated special techniques
under-handed, using whatever means necessary
driven by fury
inspired by honor and tradition
unpredictable, and employing many unorthodox weapons

3.) In battle, what weapons would you employ?
None. My fists and feet are skillful enough.
my brute strength, endurance, and use of heavy blunt objects
a sturdy, reliable blade
every weapon you've ever seen before! ...and some that you haven't
my fury and passion are enough to defeat any enemy
huge, heavy, difficult weapons, which prove your strengh and skill
a giant spatula, and other various cooking ingredients

4.) What creature best describes the essence of your personality?
it's like I'm really two people...
a cute little piglet
no creature... but a flash of lightning suits me
a graceful swan
a stubborn bull
a coy feline
no creature defines me... I define myself
my lust and carnal desires make me a DEMON

5.) In what environment do you feel most comfortable?
anywhere, really... it doesn't matter
I feel lost and out of place wherever I am
my palatial estate
wherever my true love is
training in the dojo
working in your family's store - constantly on the move
working in a solitary environment
at the local high school... having naughty thoughts about the student body...

6.) What type of job would appeal to you most?
Me? Work? I think not...
I'm too transient to have a steady job...
I'm loaded with money! I never have to work a day in my life...
I'd prefer not to be working, but I'll do whatever it takes to get what I desire
I just like to stay in and do household chores
delivery girl/boy
a professional chef
anything dealing with lingerie...

7.) What special attack sounds most appealing to you?
Hiryu Shoten Ha! (Heavenly Blast of the Dragon)
Bakusai Tenketsu! (Breaking Point attack)
Blue Thunder Attack!
Fist of the White Swan!
special attacks? how foolish...
Kiss of Death
meh... I'll just wail on you with my giant spatula
Happo-fire BURST!

8.) How would you describe your feelings of love?
I'd like my space, please...
I fall deeply in love with those who are compassionate towards me
I'm very fickle... who's the new flavor of the week?
I'd follow my true love to the ends of the earth...
I don't like to express my affection outwardly... but hopefully my love knows how I feel
I know what I want and will do anything to get it. I belong to only one person, so everyone else can just back off...
I'm loyal to the end, and would like to end up with someone who's like my best friend
Love? Meh... lust and perversion satisfy me!

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