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» Quiz: Which of my books do you belong in?
Which of my books do you belong in?
created by ~Smart_One~

Ok...nobody's read my books really...but if you take the quiz, you could read them :D

1.) Are you dark? Like you feel like eveythings coming in around you and you can't get out...even though you want to?
Yes...always...I'm locked away from the world and there's no escaspe!!!!
Sometimes, but i'm basically over that now...
Only when I know something that somebody has done...and i know it's wrong
No...i'm to young for that....or i'm overly protected
Only when i'm at my mothers, otherwise lifes care free....
What are you talking about!!! i can't get out i'm locked up here in my room!!!
I'm to care free, nothing like that could ever happen to me! :D (i made a rhyme!!!)
No i like it here...get away!!! (hiss)
sometimes, but not all that often
i like it where its dark, but have you ever thought that you don't like the dark...because you don't know it?

2.) Have you ever thought about joining up in the Army?
Hell YA! i'm already in for the duration!
i'm impulsive...so yeah...
My brother's in the army...but it's not something that i've even thought of
Which army? north or south? i got enough to deal with as it is!
i just want to get out now!! i don't care about the fricken army!
Army doesn't help us escape!!!
Why should I? there's no war
Indians are my friends...i don't want to kill them!!!
This questions stupid!! what about the fricken army?
My whole families in the army...but my father was killed by a soldier...so i hate them now...
ok....why does america need an army? who's attacking except for the Quarls?

3.) Discribe your personality
Overly protective...motherly
happy....finally coming out of the dark
cocky!! you know something everyone else doesn't
scared and lost in a new forgin world
helpful to your friends, even when you think they're wrong...but you give in to easily to lifes 'urges'
full of youth, and you wont admit your in love...even when your crying your eyes out waiting for him/her
impulsive, but willing to do just about anything
Lady like, but when your called to it, you can act like a gruff man...quiet, polite and some would say...arogant
Your a follower....or a leader...nothing in the middle, and will go to any extent to free yourselves from your master
self confident, but not by choice...simply by curcumstance
quiet, but only because that's what they want you to be like
Free thinker, ready to follow your own guiding wind
God what a stupid question!!!

4.) What's your favorite time period?
Colonial America about 1640 or so
England in the 1690's
America 1712 or so
America 1722
French and Indian war america aka 1750's
1770's ameica during the revolution
early 1800's america
slave running times in the 1830's
civil war all the way baby!
post civil war trama in nomansland
No time like the present
Fuck you! i'm not telling!

5.) Ok....answer this
U-S-A!!!! U-S-A!!!!! U-S-A!!!!
U-K! U-K!
C-S-A! C-S-A!

6.) Um.....ok....pick one! Which ever title sounds the best to you!
The Book of the Divine
Hope Accused
One of the Gone
Mrs. Silence Dogood
Sacred Blue
Praise be to the Beautiful
Life be to the Strong
White Slave or the Princess of Black Raven
Winter Angel
Freeing Jenny
Bonnie's Path
Fuck off you loser!
I dunno...none of the above

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