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» Quiz: Which indy wrestler are you?
Which indy wrestler are you?
created by y2jdingo

Which independant wrestler, ie. not signed with WWE, are you?

1.) Which of the following is closest to your description?
Technical. Very British technical.
A bit of everything. Lucha, Japanese, Bristish, shoot-style...
Bash everyone's heads in.
I can do anything the match calls for, plus.
Humorous. I throw the opponent off balance.
Kicks. I kick a lot.
Jack of all trades, master of a few.

2.) What's your group, and your position in the group?
I'm the solidity behind everyone's flashiness. I'm next generation.
I'm the mouthpiece, but I can back it up. If not...well, I have backup anyway.
A tag partner, maybe. Or my girlfriend.
My city boys, brought together since training. I lead.
I'm a dog, and believe me, my bite is hella worse than my bark.
I'm a loner. If I need someone, I'll get someone. That's it.
Funny you should mention 'Groups'. But no. Everyone guns for me too much to have a group.

3.) Describe your ring gear.
Bowling shorts. Knee and elbow pads.
Half-trunks and knee pads.
Black trunks, pads, I'm all business.
Shorts with my initials, and one leg higher than the other.
Coloured trunks, a bandanna and furry boots.
...whatever I have.
Workout or PVC long pants.

4.) Anything of note about your physical appearance?
I have lots of tattoos and a couple of piercings.
I shave my head.
I'm a big dude.
Some people say I look like Billy Idol.
I look like the kid next door.
No, not really.
Blue eyes, dark hair, goatee...

5.) C'mon...you've got some more stuff about your appearance somewhere...
Well...I've got a tattoo and quite a few piercings.
...I look like a guy you'd pass on the street...?
I'm pretty short.
I bleach my hair and I'm pretty tall.
I'm Samoan.
I have a tattoo. I'm Italian.
I look like the guy you don't bring home to mother.

6.) What's your finished named after?
Where I came from.
What it is. I see no point in dressing up what I do. It needs no fancy name.
My favourite drink.
I dunno. I just like the sound of it.
A mystical creature. Alternately, me and the year I started using it.
I don't need a name. I can leave people guessing.
A couple of words for what it is and what it does. Nothing in particular.

7.) What match would you excel at?
Pure wrestling.
Well, I am a World Champion...
Ladder matches are good. But I'm fine with whatever I get.
Whatever I'm booked in.
One in Japan. Or a mixed martial arts.
Survival of the Fittest - endurance/gauntlet matches.
I'll always love pure wrestling...but I'll take it to the extreme if I have to.

8.) Finally, what's closest to your home town?
Goof City, USA. And/or Parts Unknown.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Brooklyn, New York.
Chicago, Illinois.
The Isle of Samoa.
Detroit, Michigan.
London, England.

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