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» Quiz: What type of kisser are you?
What type of kisser are you?
created by mike69

this will tell you how good a kisser you are.

1.) whats your favourite colour?
baby blue

2.) what would you rather do on a date?
cuddle in a pool/hot tub
Cuddle on the couch
watch porn and make out
lay on the beach and look at the stars
your phone rings and you have to go.
feed each other at a chinese resaurant
try to make out with your partner and try to make out all night.
lay on each his/her bed and make out

3.) what does the word marriage mean to you?
yeah... when the time is rite.
havnt thought about it
i cant get married because it is against the law.
i want to get married rite away.
yes i want to get married as soon aas im 19
no, never
i want what ever my partner wants.

4.) what gifts do you prefer?
Teddy Bears
a thong
something from the Dollar store.

5.) have you had sex?
yes, many times
only with my best friends --- if your a gurl
with my best friend --- only if your a guy
yes, too many times to remember
once with someone i realy liked
no im waiting for the right moment

6.) your going on a date, were would you rather go?
his/her house
the Mall
out for dinner then back to his/hers place

7.) what are you?
just myself

8.) your going out for dinner what do you order?
Chicken and spaggetti
Just a salad
steak and ribs
peanuts and beer
bacon and eggs

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