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» Quiz: Which Laguna Beach Character are You?
Which Laguna Beach Character are You?
created by wideawake

take this quiz to find out which of the 8 beautiful characters on laguna beach you are...

1.) What do you like to do in your spare time?
skim board, play golf, hook up
shop, get your nails done, anything to do with fashion!
have fun, party, and hook up!
eat sushi!!!
i just want to hang out with girls!
sing, act, go to church!
no spare time when you're going to make as big of an impact as i am!
i just like to look cute!
dance on bars with a skirt on!

2.) your idea of a perfect first date!
going to a fashion show and then eating at a nice restaraunt... well, whatever really as long as i'm actually getting attention!
dude, as long as i'm at the beach!
whatever dude! like as long as i'm drunk and get to dance!
anywhere as long as it's with a girl!
I dont have time to date! .. i'm impacting the world!
i dont date...

3.) whats your style?
rainbow sandals, t-shirts, and shorts... real comfortable
as long as it's skimpy and cute!
just has to cover everything!
very done up and cute with lots of accessories!
fashionable, cute, and classy
comfortable, beachy, and cute
male-very nicely
i like to design my own clothes.. very artsy

4.) what do you want to be when you're older?
well... as long as i'm successful and happy!
founder of AYA... the biggest youth organization ever!
a broadway star!
umm successful?
who cares as long as i'm hot!?
married to someone rich
like.. rich and successful and hot
A fashion designer

5.) who is your best friend?
not too pretty, kind of annoying, and does whatever i say...
an attractive, smart, driven, and creative young man
i dont know.. shes just there to give me compliments
beautiful and the silent bitchy type
i just like girls
has morals like me and dresses cute
the hot player who can get any girl he wants
a very talented girl with the same morals as me

6.) are you rich?
filthy rich! with the most gorgeously HUGE house!
not so much... just average... well compared to my millionaire friends
i got a brand new car for graduation :)
wealthier than most
money isnt important as long as you're happy
like, yea!
well, i dont know.. i guess

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