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» Quiz: What Greenhithe R.D.A horse are you?
What Greenhithe R.D.A horse are you?
created by Khayam

are you lovely Khayam (pronounced Kie Am)? Hungry Millie? Beautiful Dessie? Kind old Romany (Pronounced Rom-ah-nee)? or Looking-for-love Tuppence?

1.) ok, imagine that you were out on a ride with your exerciser would you:
walk slowly thinking I'm hungry, lets not go any faster than a walk today
think to yourself FOOD!!! and yank your head down to eat anything available
get a bit excited and think "ooh! Can we go into a trot please?"
try your hardest to keep up with the other horses eevn if it hurts you and think "I'll try my best for my owner"
jitter around thinking "Can I go back to my girlfriends/boyfriends now?"
wait to be told what to do

2.) alright, so your exerciser wants to trot do you:
do a pathetic trot meanwhile sneezing and coughing in hope that you'll have to slow down
think FOOD!!! and yank your head down to get whatever is available meanwhile flinging the rider head first over your neck
eagerly trot on but preparing to canter when asked
try and trot but your legs won't allow it
BUCK!!! and then gallop of toward your girlfriends/boyfriends

3.) you are walking back from the ride and you are REALLY hungy do you:
prance about and edge toward the place where the food is kept but listen to what your rider is saying
think FOOD!!! and yank your head down and grab a mouthfull of whatever is available and then gallop off toward the place where the food is kept
hint to the rider that you are hungry but only slightly
wait patiently until the rider gives you food
go into a bucking fit and gallop of towards your girlfriends/boyfriends (You are only hungry for their love)

4.) After you have been fed you are put back in your paddock once you are free do you:
wander off taking snatches of grass and then roll in a nice muddy patch
think FOOD!!! and yank your head down to eat whatever is available
trot of to the water trough with your arabian tail swishing
slowly walk off and join your mates but saying good-bye to your rider first
tear off. Running around the paddock bucking and then circle your girlfriends/boyfriends

5.) are you fat?
well, kind of. I like food but I've had/expecting kids too.
heck yes! aahhh, food
no, I'm on the skinny side but not exsessively so
no, I am skinny but I'm trying to put on a bit of weight
well, yes. I keep most of it off by doing loads of running

6.) If you could do anything right now what would you do?
eat and then roll in some mud
Canter around the paddock swishing my arabian tail
rub myself on a tree
spend some quality time with my girlfriends/boyfriends

7.) Choose a colour:
White. But white isn't a colour, its a shade.

8.) Its Saturday and its time to do R.D.A work. Your disabled rider is on you, do you:
Act kind but always waiting for that apple at the end
Do a little rear and then shove your head down to eat whatever is available
Walk slowly, making sure the poor kid doesn't fall off. Besides, R.D.A isn't my thing
nuzzle him/her fondly
circle around the leader a couple of times. But making sure that no harm comes to the rider

9.) What food do you prefer?
Anything thats crunchy
ANYTHING!!! I'm not fussy
Treats are nice but I don't really mind
Carrots. Yum! I love the orangeness
bread! But not too much I'm trying to keep the weight off

10.) Do you have a best friend?
not really, I have loads of friends but not a best friend
Food is my only friend
my girlfriends/boyfriends (and they all love me too)

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