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» Quiz: what type of lover are you?
what type of lover are you?
created by kallmeaznracer

Find out if what type of lover you are!

1.) How do you treat your partner?
I give her all of my attention... I call her everyday and I worry when she's not home, even if she's only been gone for an hour.
You buy them things to impress them, even though they don't want it... You think it'll give you more points with your partner.
When you walk with them, you hold hands with not only your partner, but also your partner's best friend
When the time is right, you suprise her with a beautiful red rose.
You're always on their case, you make sure they don't talk to anyone else except you.
You hold hands everywhere you guys go, and get upset if one lets go even for an instant.

2.) You're talking on the phone, someone calls in.... how do you respond?
Don't pick up the call, don't even mention someone's on the other line
tell them to hold on for a minute because your homie gave you a booty call
tell your partner to hold on because the phone's ringing... Find out who it is, take a message, and then go right back to talking to your partner
Your partner tells you someone is calling in and tell you to hold up... You tell them HELL NAW YOU BETTA TALK TO ME!
You tell them them someone's calling in and you tell your partner that you're not going to pick up because you'd rather talk to your partner.
Tell your partner I don't want to pick up the other line because I love you and it doesn't matter who's calling in because they can always wait.

3.) Where would you go on your honeymoon?
Cruise in a luxury ship to Hawaii
The Motel 6
Wherever my baby wants to go
to a foreign country
No where but home, because your baby won't letchu go anywhere

4.) How many kids do you plan to have in the future?
However much my baby wants
I want a baby as soon as I can... Just 1 girl and maybe 1 boy too...

5.) How do you prefer sex?
in the bed, with candles lit... A song in a background to give some mood... No one except the two of us
classic lovemaking
The way I want it!
Doesn't matter where or how, because just one chance to make love with your baby will make you month complete...

6.) Do you plan to marry?
Of course
One day.
Married before, will do again if I liek da person....
As soon as possible!

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