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» Quiz: Which of my book characters are you?
Which of my book characters are you?
created by pEnGuInS_kIlL

A personality quiz for everyone!! lmao

1.) You and your best friend are at the mall. Your friend's crush comes up. You know she likes him but so do you. You:
Flirt with him (not like you care you have other friends).
Ignore him! I could never do that to her!!
Grab his arm and walk away. She's already a whore, she doesn't need another victim!
Uh..I'm a guy.I so don't swing that way.

2.) You find out your girlfriend was cheating on you with your best friend. What do you do? You:
Finally! I've been waiting to get her off my chest! I told her 100 times im not bi...
Like i care ::sniffle:: she didn't mean anything to me!!

3.) Your friend calls you and says that she's going to kill herself. You:
Act like you're listening
OMG!! Can I have your Orlando Bloom posters?!
I have no friends.....

4.) You try out for the basketball team, but you don't make the cut. You:
Beat up the nearest kid (they need to feel the pain).
Go to your girl and tell her about it.
Fuck I don't fucking care! Coach is a fuck face anyway! That fucking ass fuck!
Man,,Dad's gonna kill me...

5.) A girl walks past you, calls you a whore, and starts a fight. You:
say That's what your dad said when I pulled the whip on him! then throw her in a locker.
Kick her ass. That bitch knows she can't beat me.
Fall on the floor and let her beat the crap outta you
Fight back and try to win.

6.) FINALLY!! Prom comes...You:
are planning to spend the night with the head cheerleader
make the shy girl go wild
make a new song
skateboard through the school screaming ANARCHY BITCH!!!
do something dramatic and leave hoping your girl will follow you
have sex in a random persons car with your science teacher (that bitch is hot)
act like an outcast and sit alone
cry silently
flirt with that girl you saw yesterday
do it with that boy you saw at the mall (SCORE!!)

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