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» Quiz: What horse at my stable is most like you?
What horse at my stable is most like you?
created by thoroughbredgirl10

This quiz determines which horse at my stable is most like you!

1.) You are a horse. An inexperienced rider has just gotten on your back. What do you do?
You are good, kind, and patient at the walk and trot, but at the canter you tear across the arena as fast as possible.
You are very willing and do whatever the rider asks you even if they might haul on your mouth.
As soon as possible you try to throw the rider, you do this to anyone who gets on your back.
You are patient and kind, but you won't give very good results unless you have a good rider on you.
You are good for everything, as long as you get your carrot.
You aren't ridden at all, you are the stud on the farm!
You are your lazy self, only paying attention when you see some yummy grass.
You buck and rear for the fun of it, in fact you do this with every rider that gets on you!
You say, I'm never ridden just by anyone! Only my owner rides me! So you make angry faces and constantly try to bite the rider in the leg.
You act like ther is something in the bushes that is going to kill you and go crazy for the fun of it!
You want to go as fast as possible, you love to run!
You push the rider around, and take advantage of them.

2.) You are still a horse. What living conditions would you like the most?
A pasture is fine, but I'd like some other horses with me.
A huge pasture where I can run, run, run!
A stall of course! It HAS to be heated. No turnout, I can't afford my long, flowing tail to get dirty!
A Stall, so I can see my owner every day!
A pasture as fary away from humans as possible!
A pasture with LOTS of grass! I love eating!
A pasture with a pretty mare in it!
Anything is okay I guess, just as long as I have my carrot.
Oh I guess I nice stall would be nice, I've never been in one before.
Ugh! A stall duh! Heated and cleaned out 3 times a day!
Anywhere where I can hang around my buds and people!
A pasture and a stall at night, nothing too special.
I don't care!

3.) As a person, what is most like your personality?
Pretty nice and kind, but mischievious once in a while.
The nicest person you'll ever meet, everyone loves you!
Bossy, mean, and prissy.
Nice and always watching out for others.
Full of advice
Flirty, always checking others out
Lazy, you also love to eat!
A problem starter, energetic
You have one best friend and only hang out with them
A popular, pretty, drama queen
Athletic, you love to play sports
You are pushy and sometimes a bully

4.) If you were a horse what color would you like to be?
Chestnut with a stripe
Bay with a star, snip, and two socks
All Black
Chestnut with a blaze and four stockings
Palomino with a blaze
Buckskin with a black points, a blaze, and four socks
Chestnut with a white spot at the top of your tail
Dun with black points and a dorsal stripe
Dapple Gray
Black and white pinto
Brown and white pinto
Bay with a blaze and a sock

5.) If you were a horse, what would you like to do?
Family/English leisure horse
Western Pleasure
Pleasure/All around horse
Child riding pony
Trail horse
Show horse
Barrel racing
Pole Bending

6.) If you were a horse what would your ideal height be?
12 hh, a small pony
12.2 hh, a medium pony
13.3 hh, a large pony
14 hh, a small horse
14.3 hh, a small horse
15.2 hh, a medium hosre
15.3 hh, a medium horse
16 hh, a large horse
16.2 hh, a large horse
17 hh, a large horse
15.1 hh, a medium horse
16.1 hh, a large horse

7.) If you were a horse what breed would you be?
Quarter horse
Appendix Quarter Horse (Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse cross)
Welsh Pony Section A
Welsh Pony Section B
Welsh Pony Section C
Another paint
Another Quarter Horse

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