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» Quiz: why do you cut yourself?
why do you cut yourself?
created by i.cry.inside

this is a quiz based on my own expierences on why people cut themselves

1.) Your best friend gets a quick glimpse of your wrist. She questions you. What do you say?
Go fuck yourself...it's none of your goddam business
You finally asked...I thought no one ever would.
Doesn't matter...happened awhile ago.
Damn cat...she's fucking paranoid. Every time you try to pick her up...

2.) You're in your room at 12:45am. You feel like cutting. What do you use?
A razor blade I keep under my mattress...along with 2 safety pins and a carver thing.
I grab a knife from the kitchen.
Anything sharp...anything to take away this tremendous pain
My nail...hey whatever leaves a mark.

3.) The next night...you have the same feeling. What do you do?
Cut again...I can't stop my urge. Don't you understand?
I sleep.
I take out my 5th grade yearbook and cry. Then I might make one, or two cuts.
I call a woman from my church, who I know and love. She'll let me talk to her...I'm sure.

4.) What do you think of when you see a bunch of safety pins on your french teacher's desk?
Ohhh man...I get the WORST urge ever.
I go to the bathroom and break down.
I grab one and play with it hoping to accidently poke myself with the tip.
I turn away and focus on my homework. ::don't think about it....DONT THINK ABOUT IT::
I pin them to my sweatshirt...I could possibly need them later.

5.) You find yourself wearing mostly what?
I really like Abercrombie and the Gap. Whatever's cute though.
Pac Sun mostly. Yay for Dickie's!
Black, pink, red...doesn't matter...tight or loose. And my matching Converse.
Baggy, baggy clothes. I don't want anyone to see me.

6.) Your algebra teacher sees your arm one day (it was hot in the classroom so you rolled up your sleeves by accident) and she takes you down to guidance. You...
Kick, and scream, and cry.
I dunno...maybe this I what I need.
You punch her and run down the hall, out the doors, and across the busy road. Maybe you'll get run over. That'd be hot.
Try to run...but not to fast. She grabs you and you shrug your shoulders. Whatver man.
Fuck that...I don't want help and I don't NEED help.

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