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» Quiz: What Size of Giantess would you be?
What Size of Giantess would you be?
created by Knightofshadows

Giantess are from 12 feet tall to over 5 miles. They are Goddesses of power and beauty. They command men to worship them and cower before them. Which size would you be?

1.) How tall are you?
Under 5 feet tall
From 5 to 5 1/2 feet tall
From 5 1/2 to 6 feet tall
Over 6 feet tall

2.) What is your attitude about men?
They exist to worship me
Men, I only see insects?
Men are there for me to toy with, but treat well.
Men are rebellious and should be beated into servitude

3.) Whats your opinion on high heels?
I don't need them
I wear them whenever I can
I enjoy wearing them from time to time
I like the extra boost of height it gives me

4.) If you could change your height, would you be shorter or taller?
I'm the shortest of all my friends, so taller
I'm scared of heights....shorter
I like being average
A little taller might be nice

5.) Which do you feel the most like?
A House. Stedfast and welcoming
A sky scraper. Tall and imposing
A tree, strong and tall
A mountain. Massive and demanding of respect

6.) What do you look for in a guy
A guy to kid around with, maybe play sports together
I like a sweet guy, who will care about me
My guy better do as I say, else I'll dump him for someone who will
I don't look for a guy. I use them all, and they all better worship me.

7.) Why type of city do you feel the most comfortable in?
Small Country Town
Average Rural Town

8.) What size giantess do you want to be the most
12 Feet
50 Feet
500 Feet
Over 5 Miles tall

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