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» Quiz: Could You Turn Me On? (Bi/Lesbians only)
Could You Turn Me On? (Bi/Lesbians only)
created by TeenAngel

1.) If we were alone in my room and I started to kiss you, would you...
Kiss me back, and start removing my clothes or yours.
Kiss me back but only a couple of times.
Kiss once, then turn away.

2.) After we make out for a while, I go to take off your shirt. Do you...
Relinquish it willingly, and remove the rest of your clothes as well.
Take it off, but leave your bra on.
Not let me

3.) A couple hours later, we're naked and in bed. Do you...
Finger me/let me finger you while we make out?
Touch my breasts but won't go any lower.
Grab that strap on you're hiding in your purse and fuck me hard.

4.) Are you horny RIGHT NOW?

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