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» Quiz: what color rose does you soul have*PICS*
what color rose does you soul have*Pics and better anwsers*
created by Aloneinhell666

1.) would you ever die for somone
why shold i no one would for me
if i loved them i would
i dont know maybe i might
what for no one would for me so no

2.) do you or have you ever cut your self
yes to let out the pain
well i have tried but i freaked out and didnt
no but i find other ways to let out my pain
yeah i do have and always will

3.) what yous fav animal
any thing that has to do with cats :x)
birds or and thing that flys
dogs, wolves any thing like that
i dont realy have one

4.) whats the color of choice
dark colors
pinks blues yellows greens stuff like that
all colors
and thing thats not ugly

5.) pick a song
Marilyn Manson - tainted love
three days grace - i hate every thing about you
KoRn- Falling away from me
Evenesance-bring me to life

6.) finish this sentance my life is.....
ok it could be better
not full of happness and sunshine

7.) last question what do you think of god
he is'nt real
well im not sure
i think there is one but im not sure
no cuz if there was he would;nt let people get hurt

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