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» Quiz: What character from my book are you?
What character from my book are you?
created by Premonitions4life

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1.) A loved one has gone off to war, you...
I am fighting. I die, but my newborn daughter sends out a light spirit that turns me into a ghost.
I am being born. Once done I unconciously send out a light spirit to turn my father into a ghost.
I am being betrothed to the newborn Lady.
I am praying that my husband does not die. I give birth to his daughter at the last second.
I am in training to guard the new born Incarnation.
I am the one who started the war. I am after the Goddess' power.
I am living my life in secrecy. Only my mother and father know of my birth. I have yet to meet my younger sister.
Power! Power! I need Power!

2.) It is the 50th anniversary of the war, you...
I am turning 50, I am an elf, my guard and I go riding. While riding I run into the man of my dreams and end up getting saved by him.
I am on my way to Faylinn for the Council meeting.
I am reminding my daughter how to act. She has a bad habit of getting into trouble.
Staring at a picture of the daughter I have never met. I know that we will meet soon.
I am having a hard time explaining a traitor issue with my Lady. I end up fighting for her life.
I have sent my most loyal soldier to get the Incarnation.
Still in secrecy, but now my sister knows of me; even if she never thinks or speaks of me. Secrecy, duh.

3.) A second war is about to break loose, you...
Flee to Tara to protect your loved ones.
Worry about the Incarnation. You are just now realizing that you have feelings for her.
Running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off. My daughter is missing, my daughter is missing!
Giving advice. They forgot that I am only a ghost.
I am growing angrier by the second. My Lady is missing and I have to wait for the Council to decide if we can follow her.
I run ahead to cut her off. I then try to persuade her to come to my side. When she doesn't I try to kill her, but am attacked.

4.) The incarnation was knocked unconcious for four days. When she wakes up she disappears again. How do you feel?
Give her a head start, then follow her. I'm in love, can't help it.
Worry, just heard that my daughter was attacked and not knowing what is about to happen to myself.
Lying in bed. I was attacked as well and am waiting for my Lady to heal.
I take over her loved ones mind and manage to get her to accept my marriage proposal. Then she knocks me against a stone wall.

5.) (Most common question.) What is your hair color?
Reddish, brownish, with a hint of blonde
clear; I'm a ghost
dirty blonde
brownish reddish

6.) Which is your favorite?
protecting family
my Lady
getting the power of the Goddess
Finally coming out of secrecy.

7.) Which name do you like the most?
Lareina and Raina
Shields and Raina
my Lady
Dark Lord

8.) Which kingdom would you be from?
Born in Kelby, but raised in Faylinn, belong in Lightland
Breena, but belong in Lightland
Father is from Faylinn, Mother is former Incarnation from Kelby
born in Darkland and return there later to reserect the true Dark Lord.

9.) What saying?
I am not an Incarnation!
Raina, I love you.
What about me?
I'm so proud of you.
Lady Raina!
What is your name, daughter of Shields?
Thank you for saving her life.

10.) Which is your weapon of choice?
Magical shield/ healing powers
Sword that glows blue when near my loved one.
The bond I share with my daughter.
Ghost, don't need weapon. When I was alive it was a sword.
Magic, Sword, and bow/arrow
Bow and arrow
dagger, ropes, and magic(minions, don't forget minions)
healing powers and small sword

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