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» Quiz: What type of Fairy are you?! The good or bad!?(pics)
What type of Fairy are you?! The good or bad!?(pics)
created by Love_Is_Like_A_Rose

This quiz will tell you either if you are a good or bad fairy! Do you like to cause mischeif or do you like to make peace?!

1.) If you had powers what would you do with them?!
Make everyone bow down to me! Hello! I am the leader here!
Make all the sports in the world into one gymnasium.
I would take all the water in the world and shower the world with rain from the heavens.
I would sacrifice all humans and keep a few of them so they can work for me....
Drag everyone into the underworld and make them work until their death!
I would gather all the flowers in the world and make a bouquet.

2.) If you could choose where you lived what would your house look like?!
Well I would live anywhere in the world just as long as there is water!
I would build a home in the trees.
I would just live in the fluffy clouds.
I would live in Hell it's nice in hot down there!
I would live in a castle with only torches to light the hallways and rooms. With velvet rugs and black drapes on the bed.

3.) What would your wings look like?
Well they would be like drapy but almost like a butterflie's wings.
My wings would look like leaces. A dark brown color.
My wings are fluffy like an angels.
My wings are transparents and blood red.
My wings almost look like fire but like silver fire.

4.) I know this is a dumb question but what is your favorite color out of these choices?
Brown or any earth tones
Purple.... I like being happy!
I like that blood red!

5.) How would your clothes look like?!
Maybe a lil drapy.....
just a plain ordinary top and matching pants
Maybe a froofy puffy lil dress in bright colors.
Not fancy but still in style!
I'm a freaking fairy! We don't wear clothes!
well I dunno

6.) Ok the last and final question.....how would your language sound like?!
It would be the same as ours... you know English!
More pretty and beautiful like the elves language on Lord of the Rings
Just happy and really fast. Like almost so fast it just sound like we are on helium.
More slow..... and relaxed
More bubbly or watery more mystical

7.) Sorry I lied!!!! When someone commits a crime what is the punishment?
Forever in Prison....
Well they have to serve the world good for 9000 years.
They get to get squished underneath a human shoe.
They get to drown in air.... we can't breathe without water!

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