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» Quiz: FOR YOU GIRLS! what do you most hate about guys?
FOR YOU GIRLS! what do you most hate about guys?
created by northstar420

this is to find out what u hate most about guys ( there bad qualities)

1.) so you and your boy friend are watching a movie all nice and cuddly when he suggests that u guys have sex ( its ur firsst time and you dont really want to do have sex right now) and now u and ur bf get into this big arguement about it what are you thinking?
what a COMPLETE IDIOT !!! thinking hes all big and tuff and thinks he can get me into bed !
does he even CCARE About MY feeliNGS !!!!!!!!
so thats all he wants me for is SEX what am i his WHORE?
fuck now hes guna tell everyone that im a fuckin pussy that i wont have sex ...

2.) what can a guy say that gets u mad the most .
you: what time is our date again ? HIM: oh sorry sweety cant make it goiing out with the guys!,maybe another time !
i cant do anything tonight im going BAR HOPING !!! WOOO WOOOO STRIPPERS TONIGHT FELLOWS!!!!
uhh ... im sick
sorry i am going to the mall with my BEST GF so maybe ANOTHER TIME

3.) what do you think the worse APPEARANCE look on a guy
always looking at himself ... bragging about himself .. anything about him self is GAY !
look s 24/7 stoned
looks like a pimp AKA lepard clothes .. cell phones BLINGING
his clothes are ironed PERFECTLY !!!! everything is PERFECT !! not a FLAW !!!

4.) so guna rate this quiz hahah a sorry i pressed the wrong button
NO !
uhh wha
yo i dont have time im just tripin out form all these drugs and shit
yea shur

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