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» Quiz: What does ur crush think about u?
What does ur crush think about u?
created by Jenc11

Does ur crush love, like, like u only as a friend or hates u? Find out by doing this quiz! Remember, this quiz is inaccurate, but I guess gives a pretty broad answer, so just have fun!

1.) Somehow, you and ur crush's eyes meet, he/she:
Stares at you until his/her can't any longer
stares for a bit, and than takes his/her eyes of urs
Smiles and turns away
Makes a bad face
Other/I don't know

2.) If you drop something u are carrying and ur crush see's it happen, he/she:
Goes over and helps you pick them up, plus offers to help carry them
Goes over and helps you pick them up
Goes over and asks if u need any help
Laughs at you, and walks away, sometimes even kicking my things around
Other/I don't know

3.) When somebody confesses their love to ur crush, he/she:
Tell the person that he/she likes somebody else, or actually says ur name
Tells the person that they have to think about it
Tells that person that they feel a bit flattered, but doesn't know if that person should
Tells that person that he/she likes them back too
Other/I don't know
I'm gonna stop this quiz now...It's bothersome

4.) When you say hi to him/her, he/she:
Says Hi back, and makes a nice long conversation
Says hi back, and makes a short conversation
Says hi and says he/she gotta go
Says something mean and walks away
Other/I don't know

5.) Finally, What did u think of this quiz?
I think it's awesome
It's pretty good
It's okay
I think it needs a few adjustments
I hate it, it sucks

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