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» Quiz: What psychic abilitys do you have?
What psychic abilitys do you have?
created by Riddick

1.) Your sitting at your computer and ya see something that isn't there?
your just tired
You've just seen a ghost or a shadow of something
you hear or feel something

2.) your in school and someone pisses you off?
hey bitch stop talking shit or you'll be sorry
you decide to freak he/she out by reading them about,who they have a crush on or you they really hate ya know shit like that
some bully comes up to you and trys to start a fight and you slam dance his sorry ass into a locker but you never touched him

3.) one of your friends is hurt/sick or just want to be evil and kill someone?
you see that your friend has a cut on his arm from getting beat up
your friend gets a headache and theres no meds, But you think you can help anyways
you see that so called friend who isn't anymore so to be evil you make his brain cave in and his heart explode

4.) your in class or out with friends some place chillin?
and you see something funny about to happen to the teacher
your out somewhere your walking in the mall, then you see some guy who is going to fall down the stairs, and you stop him
your riding in the car with some friends and you see your self in a bad ass accident, and then you yell stop to the person whos driving

5.) your in your front yard and start letting you eyes wander around
your looking at your neighbors house and you start looking through the house, but then you see some fat guy taking a crap
yoursitting in a chair and you see a messed up looking van park near a house, so you look at and something scares you!
you see some people in your neighborhood you dont like at all and you just beat the shit out of them

6.) your at a funeral or a cemetery?
one of your best friends friend dies from some bad virus, and you hear something that someones tring to tell you
your walking through a graveyard late at night you see but cant hear something or someone and they disappear
you find a grave in the cemetery and some old ladys voice you star to hear and talk to

7.) having fun with what have learned!!!
someone bums a smoke off you and then he asks for a light, but you end up lighting him up instead
you go out to start a bonfire with some friends no one brought any lighters or matchs so you decide to help
you decide to dress up like an idiot and and try to save people

8.) you go out and help people! Like community service
you see a bunch of trash and crap laying in the street, so think about it you throw it onto your neighbors yard
some blind or deaf kid is playing in the steet, and some crazy mother fucker comes speeding by and levitate that kid to safety
we all like to to see the gangs in our neighborhood to be gone, so (evil grin) you invite them all to a cook out!!!!!!!!!
you think you know where the murder is and you explain to the police and convince them and you get to the woods and cant find him (You Lied dumb idiot

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