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» Quiz: What kind of Goth are you?
What kind of Goth are you?
created by Margoth

Find out what you are... Very complete and with pictures!

1.) Ok, the usual question. Pick your favourite colors!
Bloody Red
Black with a neon color combined with
Anything dark as my heart...
Uhmm I guess red and black
Metallic colors and black
Anything PVC
Black is such a cute color!
This sucks!!!

2.) What do you like to do in your spare time?
Dance, dance, dance...
I love to read and write poetry. Make long walks to the graveyards. That puts me in a creative mood...
I am alone. I don't have many friends...
I hang out with my cool goth friends at the mall and then we make fun of other kids!
I collect metal lunchboxes.
I clean my transformer boots, I'll make 'em shine like metal!
I listen to KMFDM and kill my dolls.
I stitch my own dresses...
Bang your heads!!!!!!!

3.) Would you even hurt someone?
Maybe I would accidently hurt someone while dancing...
My heart was hurt, but because of thee...
Uhh... Yeah! That's so cool! Goths are evil!
I must to survive...
I love the whole military thing, but I would never hurt anyone.
Oh yeah! Spank me, beat me, whip me! Make me cry!
I'd love to kill every priest on earth! I'm anti for life!
Kill all you fucking maggots!!!!
Ohh... no... I'm a sweet little girl!

4.) What sentence fits you best?
We're disposable teens!
And all I loved, I loved alone...
Dancing like a machine!
Come out, come out, wherever you are...
I'm depressed and sad and angry, I hate the world and so should you.
More tea, my love?
Call me a whore, call me cheap, but hun you cannot afford me!
Oh how I would love to watch the sun...
Fuck me!

5.) Who do you see as the greatest from this list?
Lord Byron!
Edgar Allan Poe
Elvira, mistress of the dark
Mana from Malice Mizer...
Lestat de Lioncourt
Inventor of eBM
Marilyn Manson
The guy who invented PVC

6.) What are the most important qualities in life?
Being able to dance, have a lot of energy, future loving.
To love and to be loved in return...
Do not ever get mixed up with them, we live in the shadows, they don't.
Being goth!
Having an own opinion, being independant, being able to hate, anti-christianity!
Strictness, calmness, power and to rule.
To love pain, being dominant, not being afraid to come out for your sexual needs...
Shyness I think... -blush- oh! And being cute...

7.) Favourite band or singer?
Slipknot, Rammstein, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, anything loud and hard!
Malice Mizer, Gackt, the Gathering, Kinki Kids,...
KMFDM, Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Jack off Jill,...
Marilyn Manson
Anything goth...
Mozart, Bach,...
Nithgwish, Apocalyptica, the Gathering, Secret Garden, HIM,...
Blutengel, Suicide Commando, Centhron, Headscan, Wumpscut

8.) What kind of shoes would you like to have or have you got already?
Combat boots!!!!!!! Roarr!!
Mary Jeans
Transformer boots, plateau boots
New Rock Boots or cyberboots
Laced boots or creepers
High dark romantic heels
Black shoes
The kind that Manson wears
Extreme high heels or bondage boots, with some latex or PVC
Witchy boots

9.) What would your nickname be?

10.) How about clothes?
Corsets, long Victorian gowns, LouisXVV jewelry, gloves, ruches
Black clothes, I guess...
Classical clothes, ancient clothing like MiddleAges wear
Black clothing with touches of metallic colorts and blue or yellow fluo dreads, big hair!
Anything Manson has...
Tight leather or latex or PVC clothes! Heavy corsage and bondage stuff.
Short dolly dresses, white socks and Mary Janes... Cute!
Pants and Bandshirt!!!!! Open combat boots!!!!!!
Something tight that makes me look strict, very futuristic, but dark.

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