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» Quiz: Which Loyalist legion would u be part of?
Which Loyalist legion would u be part of?
created by Razhbad

During the Great Horus Heresy many more marines were needed especially after seeing as 3 legions were almost completely destroyed and 3 more seriously dented so which of these great legions would you be part of

1.) Whats your favourite colour
Dark Green

2.) What are your most favoured combat types?
Elite veterans
Bike Squadrons
Crazed maniacs
Defence troops
Devastator squads
Lots of regular troops
Jump pack troops
Flame thrower toops

3.) What method is best for battle?
To Ambush and stike fast
To secure an area to trench yourself in
Covert strikes to demorialize the enemy
to gun down as much as possible before hand 2 hand
To follow every combat possibilty
Supressing fire with heavy weapons whilst troops encircle
Planetary Bombardments
To use more experienced troops in the thickest whilst supported by others
Straight forward gun em down

4.) What Planet best suits you?
Volcanic and ash worlds
Dark planets
Mountains and rocky
with lots of earthquakes
great desserts
one giant city
Massive ammounts of snow and ice
Vast plains
Dense jungles

5.) What is your prime directive?
To gain in strength
To cover up
To drink and kill
To protect
to grow
To guide
i do what i want when i want
to remain sorry
not to be noticed

6.) Your greatest skill?
Advanced tactics
being secretive
riding a horse
advancing in technolgy
for none to know i am even there
protecting cadia

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