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» Quiz: a quiz : r u as random as a water buffalo who licks lamp shades
a quiz : r u as random as a water buffalo who licks lamp shades
created by all_yours

are you a random person

1.) Do you ever dance with out music?
yea sometimes while im in the morning shower
on tuesdays
im to fat to dance

2.) do you ever day dream of animals
monkeys go monkeys
dogs/cats (puppies/kittens)
aliens are animals right?
no fantacys of animals!

3.) do you make up your own songs
i love rocky road put another scoop on my cone baby
about everything including road kil so na! i am random you pinapple thong bikini wearer
um la la na la la ti da! go me!
opps i killed someone again i strangled thier wife, nieghbor and friend

4.) should you be on whose line is it anyways
um no
um isnt that a show on comedy central
its your line not mine cause i have mental block

5.) do you consider yourself a random dude or dudette
no-i suck i know
yes i am a random dude or dudette
um random what does that exactly mean

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