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» Quiz: Which WWE wrestler are you?
Which WWE wrestler are you?
created by BookerMac

Have you ever wondered which WWE superstar you best relate with? Well, look no further!

1.) What do you usually wear down to the ring?
Black Tights, Black Boots, complete with my knee braces
Black Tights which have sometimes become odd colors like red, pink and purple...
Black Tights, Black Boots, Elbow Pads, Knee Pads
Black Singlet, Black Pants, EVERYTHING BLACK!!
Mix of Black and Red, but mostly Red
Red, White and Blue
Multicolored Pants, with my name on my boots
Either Red or Blue Pants
Red and Black/White pants with hearts all over them
White or Black Tights

2.) What kind of Enterance Music do you have?
Shattering Glass
Can ya smell what I'm cookin'?
Organ Music
Finger 11
America's Song
Nothing to hold me back
I think I'm cute...
Can you dig it...

3.) What is your nick-name?
The Rattlesnake
The Game
The Brahama Bull
Deadman Inc.
The Big Red Machine
The Olympic Hero
Highlight of the Night
The Rabid Wolverine
The Heartbreak Kid
5-Time! 5-Time! 5-Time! 5-Time! 5-Time! WcW Champion

4.) What is your pre-match enterance like?
I come down on my ATV
I stand on the ringside and spray water at the audience
Come down, look at the crowd, climb the top rope and throw my arm up, then i stare at my opponent
Used to ride down on my motorcycle, but now I come out with my buddy who holds an urn.
Walk slowly down, and use my "powers" to make pyro come out of the ring posts
Come out, do my true american pyro, then get in the ring and spin around
Have my countdown go down to 0, then come out back facing the crowd
Walk out, get in the ring, and start stalking my prey
Prance on down, and shake my ass to the crowd and spin around
Come out and let my fire pyro go off, then get in the ring and pose for the crowd

5.) What is your post-match celebration?
Throw me a beer!
Stand over them, once again proving that I Am The Game
Throw my arm up to the crowd again
Stand over them in MY yard
Make fire erupt again from the ring posts
Drop to my knees and thank the US of A
Hang off the ropes
Go crazy
Strut around

6.) What is your Finishing Maneuver?
Stone Cold Stunner
The Pedigree
Rock-Bottom/People's Elbow
Last Ride/Chokeslam from Hell/Tombstone Piledriver
Chokeslam from Hell/Tombstone Piledriver
Angle Slam/Ankle Lock
Lionsault/Walls of Jericho
Flying Headbutt/Crippler Crossface
Sweet Chin Music
Scissors Kick/BookEnd

7.) What do you usually do before/after a match?
Drink a beer, 2 beers, 3 beers, 4 beers, some whiskey, a margarita, a bloody mary, rum, more beer...
Hang with my buddy The Nature Boy
Go make a movie
Prepare my urn
You don't want to know what I do...
Drink a big old American glass of milk!
Break the walls down
Mostly nothing, I'm not known to be Mr. Personality
Find my buddies Kevin Nash and Scott Hall
Hang with my homies

8.) What is one of your often-used catch-phrases?
And that's the Bottom Line, 'cause...
I Am That Damn Good
Do you like...Pie?
Step in my yard and I'll make you Famous
I rarely talk at all
Oh It's True, It's Damn True!
Your a Filthy, Dirty, Discusting, Brutal, Bottom-Feeding, Trash Bag Ho!
Prove me wrong
The Icon, The Showstoppa, The Main Event...
Can you dig THAT...SUCKA?!!!

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