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» Quiz: are you a dirty girl?? (girls only)
are you a dirty girl?? (girls only)
created by silent-ancient

awnser truthfully and c what ou really are...

1.) how often do you watch porn??
more than 5 times a day
2-4 times a day
once a week
3-5 times a week

2.) how often do you masturb8?
once a week
once or twice a day
3-5 times a day
5 times a day
once a month

3.) when did you or do you play to loose ur virginity??
when im married
10-13 years old
19-21 (college HEL YA!!!)

4.) what do you think about when you c an EXTREMELY hot guy?
i wonder what his name is..
i wonder if hes a virgin.....
i wonder if hell do me.... how big is he?
im gonna invite him over tonight...... lets c ive got 50 dollars how much vodka can i buy...

5.) if u were at a party and a guy wanted to have sex with you....
say no thatnkyou and leae the party
think about it not do him but play around.....
give him a blowjob and let him do what he wants with you aslong as he uses a condom
let him do you later on that night
go to the nearest room or bathroom and have sex 3 or more times anal and anywhere else he wants

6.) do you ciber with pl on the internet??
sometimes if he/shes a nice person and i know i wont talk to him later on
get multiple guys and make a chatroom
take my clothes off while we are doing ciber possably use a microphone and webcam (if you have one)

7.) what size do you want it??
what do you mean??
aslong as i like im and we agree that we both want to d it it dosent matter
atleast avrege.....
7 inces!!!!! nothing less (unless i cant get anyone else)

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