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» Quiz: Which Disney Princess are you most like (with 2 new princesses)
Which Disney Princess are you most like (with 2 new princesses)
created by elephant_lover

Let's see Who are you most like?

1.) What is your favorite color?
light purple

2.) What color is your hair?
Golden Blond
Black, bit ties up with a ribbon
Midnight black, but it is long, and shiney.
Dark and curly

3.) What is your favorite song?
Part of That World
One Apon a Dream
Be Our Guest
Bibbady Bobady Boo
A Whole New World
Colors of The Wind
Someday My Prince Will Come

4.) Who would you like to be your friends?
Sea animals
Three Good Faires
Castle Servants
Mice, and birds
A tiger, a parrot, a genie, and a monkey
A dragon, a chricket, a horse, and China's three greatest heros
Alot of wild animals
Seven Dawrfs

5.) If you had your own prince his name would be..
Prince Eric
Prince Phillip
What else, Beast
Prince Charming (from Cinderella)
Captian Shang
John Smith
Prince Charming (from Snow White and The Seven Dawrfs)

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