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» Quiz: Find your IQ (pictures)
Find your IQ (pictures)
created by kenram66

What is your real IQ?

1.) How many legs do 5 roaches, 6 dogs, 2 snakes, and 3 cats have all together?
A fucking a lot
O, I wouldn't know, I don't have roaches or pets
Ha, you're funny, Snake don't have legs, Bitch.

2.) Jon is taller than Jane. Steve is taller than Jon. Avine is shorter than Jane. Jane is taller than Devon. Devon is taller than Stef. Stef's brother is taller than Jane. And Stef dad name is Steven and her mother name is Jane. Who is Stef brother? WHo is tallest and who is shortest?
Jon, Stef's brother is tallest and Stef is shortest
What the fuck?!
I actually have to think...fuck.
Jon, is tallest, and he is Stef's brother. But Jane is shortest
Steve is her brother and the tallest, while Stef is the shortest

3.) France is to Europe as
United States is to North America
Sydney is to Australia
Paris is to France
Ghana is to Africa

4.) Syphillis & Herpes are
STDs that can't be cured
STDs. Syphillis is a bacteria, which is curable and herpes is a virus that can't be cured but treated.
Things you don't want
Reasons not to fuck. Use a condom!

5.) Pick one
Girly dramas
PBS. TLC. History and Discovery

6.) How many states in the US?
50 but there are territories
50 and I can name them in order: Alabama, Alaska, Cal....

7.) Without a calculator can you calculate what 5/16 is in percentage form?
Leave me alone
No and I don't care
On paper.
I think it is 33
Yes, it is 32
SOmething over 25 percent but less than 50

8.) Are you
Poor student and in special ed classes
Have difficulty in school but try to be as good as the rest.
Don't study, especially after they skipped me a grade
a OK student, Whatever man, I just like to hang out, party, you know, put my energies elsewhere. Okay?!
ADHD kid who could do better than they are doing but just don't care. I rather do anime or art.
on the debate and chess team?

9.) What can you be found doing?
Killing animals
Hanging out, playing sports
Smoking weed, talking shit about politics
Partying. Studying. Doing something artsy. Designing my own website.
Wowing people with my verbal abilites and high SAT scores
On Jeparody

10.) Pick one
George Bush, he sends people off to die, raises taxes for the poor, and has the same studdering problem I have.
Jessica Simpson
Courtney Love
Hillary Clinton
Bill Gates
Dr. Dre

11.) Dream Job?
On disability for being too slow to work
Business Man
Working in a office
Something where I can be alone so I can do research
Something where I can create myself: Artist, Writer, Web designer.

12.) How much tv do you watch?
16 hours a day, you know..all day.
after school
When I am not busy getting out there trying to take over the world, I watch a lil TLC, PBS
No TV!
I watch it an hour or so a day, but I don't have cable.
Hell yeah, when ever Have time to!

13.) Your new source
Fox News
Word of mouth
Whatever is on TV

14.) ARe you
Good with people
fascinated with serial killers
left handed
right handed

15.) Favorite subject in school?
finite math
skipping school to have sex and smoke herb
Biological science, especially genetics

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