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» Quiz: How Smart Is Your Horse??????
How Smart Is Your Horse??????
created by chimes

Find out how smart your horse is!!!???

1.) Your going to a horseshow, but your horse is refusing to into the horse trailer. What do you do to trick them to go into the horsetrailer?
You bribe your horse with carrots and it right away clampers in like it has never been afreid of the trailer.
You talk to your horse and pet him then slap him on the but and he hops right in and glares at you.
You can tell that your horse is making this a game and tell him that he won't get to get his evening grain if he dosn't get in now!He quickly trots in
You just tell him to get in and he just goes. huh? weird horse.
He bucks so u give him a treat then he gets into the trailer

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