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» Quiz: which chaos god are you?
which chaos god are you?
created by lashblade

which of the four ruinous powers do you represent?

1.) How would you try and get the girl of your dreams?
Show her your muscles and a show of strength
Pose in front of her... she can't resist you.
write a poem for her and tell her sweet nothings
show her your latest scars

2.) Whats your fav colour?

3.) If people were staring at you, what would be the reason?
Your beauty
The blood dripping from your clothes
you seem to keep morphing
The pustules on your body have started to burst

4.) If you went to war what would your tactics be?
Full on charge
pull out the sniper rifle for some perfect shots
Time to break out the Bio Weapons
Let everyone else do the work for you

5.) What would you rather do for a night out with your partner
Go to a health spa
Go hunting.
go the the library
take her to an all you can eat buffet

6.) what would you rather be known as?
..... the mighty
the dark prince ......
..... the vile
.....the all seeing

7.) What was your last birthday Present
A weapon
first aid kit
beauty products or jewellery

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