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» Quiz: Which Foe of Inframan Are You?
Which Foe of Inframan Are You?
created by peterwimsey

A tribute to one of my favorite films, the tremendously goofy - and entertaining - Inframan (1975). Find out which of our hero's monstrous nemeses suits you best.

1.) Your most embarrassing moment came when:
You went to get your nails done and your manicurist took one look at your hands, screamed, and fled the building.
You were thrown out of the theater halfway through Starship Troopers after cheering for Casper Van Dien to be eaten.
Your head flew off your shoulders during an elementary school dodgeball game.
You tried out for the UCLA cheerleading squad, only to find you couldn't bend your arms.
Your beard got caught in the thresher on your uncle's farm.
You accidentally turned into a giant lizard while giving the keynote address at a Rotary Club luncheon.
You drilled through an ATM while trying to withdraw twenty bucks.
You entered a seafood restaurant - and were mistaken for an entree.

2.) When you were younger, your mom said to you:
Good night, sweetie. Now close your eyes...and your hand-eyes, too.
One of these days, that insect collection is going to go in the trash! What? No, I don't care that it includes your relatives!
Dear, I know you enjoy spending time with your brother, but must you do everything together?
Go easy on the Tabasco sauce.
For the love of Pete, get a haircut!
Just think, honey - someday you could be an astronaut, a surgeon, or even a merciless world conqueror!
I know I've mentioned it before, but you really should think about a career in the mining industry.
For the last time, we are not going back to Sea World.

3.) You'd never admit it publicly, but sometimes you want to:
Mix it up in a Joan Collins-style catfight - because you know you'd win.
Spit. I mean really spit. As in hock a loogie of epic proportions.
Punch a guy who's standing across the room.
Grow a handlebar moustache.
Jump around a lot while laughing maniacally.
Use your electric whip on Carrot Top.
Burrow into KFC and steal their Secret Recipe.
Slip down into the ground and disappear.

4.) Sometimes you wonder to yourself:
Why is my Brainwashing Machine made of Styrofoam?
Why do people pull out cans of Raid whenever I approach?
Is it wrong to enjoy the feel of WD-40 between your joints as much as I do?
When will the Gap come out with a clothing line for people covered in scaly chain mail?
Do I have any solid evidence that I actually have a face?
If I'm Chinese, why do I wear a Viking helmet?
Sure, I can take a Volkswagen - but how would I fare against a Buick?
It's cool that I can teleport - but why must I make such a goofy sound effect when I do?

5.) Growing up, your favorite Saturday morning show was:
Inspector Gadget.
Dungeons and Dragons.
The Addams Family.
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (season 1 only).
Fraggle Rock.
Squiddly Diddly (Hanna-Barbera).

6.) A song lyric that really fits you is:
Can't believe that it's true, can't keep my eyes off of you...
I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for...
It takes two, baby - me and you.
Burn, baby, burn - disco inferno!
Hair! Long, short, beautiful hair!
I did it my way...
You move sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt...
I'd like to be/Under the sea/In an octopus's garden, in the shade.

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