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» Quiz: Which Millennium item should you wield?
Which Millennium item should you wield?
created by Marik Ishtar

Whatever you do, DON'T TAKE MY ROD!!!!!!!!!! IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) what would your Yami be like?
One who will make me taller than i already am!
Someone who kills my father
Someone who's after all of them!
What Yami?

2.) What's your favorite card?
Dark Magician, hands down!
Winged Dragon of Ra
Toon World
Obelisk the Tormentor
I don't duel.......

3.) you go to Battle City. You:
Duel your hardest to try to save the world.
I've dropped off the face of the planet! What the hell is Battle City?
warn the pharaoh and help him save the world
go and defeat Yugi, then Malik...
Defeast Yugi so that you can win his Millenium Puzzle!
Sit there and watch idley

4.) past life?
evil priest
pharaoh's priests

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