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» Quiz: Are you a true horse lover?
Are you a true horse lover?
created by FoxyRoxy

This quiz determines whether you H8 horses of LOVE horses. I personally LOVE them but take the quiz and see what YOU are.

1.) You are in a car and you see a horse in a field. You...
say Oh... thats a pretty horse. Then forget all about it.
Yell Ewwww, who wants to look at something so disgusting like a horse

2.) Your family decide to go horse-riding. You...
Jump at the chance, and run to the car before your parents even finish the sentence.
Say ok then and go with your parents. What's to lose anyway ?
Say NO WAY !!!! and stomp up to your room in a mood. If they think I'm getting on a stupid horse then they have another thing coming !!!!

3.) There is a school fete on at your school and there are pony rides at the gate. You...
Walk over to the ponies and say to the owner that you'll help out. After-all you have been working with horses for years.
Pet the ponies for a bit, then go onto something else, forgeting all about them.
Make your way around the ponies as far away as possible. You don't want to get dirty, from them filthy ponies. Look at the dust coming off their backs

4.) Ok...Here is the last question... What do you generally think of horses?
They are sooooo COOL !!!!! I wish I was a horse. They are soooo graceful and beautiful. Ohhhhh...
They're ok I guess, nothing special though.
Grrrrr. Horses are evil !!!!! I think all horses should die !! Thats it !! DIE !! ALL HORSES SHOULD DIE !!!!

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