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» Quiz: Which Queer Eye Guy Are You?
Which 'Queer Eye' Guy Are You?
created by CraicBaby

Which one of the Fab 5 are you?

1.) What is the first thing you think about in the morning?
How you're going to do your hair
What you're going to wear
What you're going to have for breakfast
The song you woke up to
How you really love/hate the color of your room

2.) What turns you off the most?
People who wear white after Labor Day
Cheap booze
People who dance like spastic chimps
Indoor furniture on the front porch

3.) Shopping spree at the mall! Where do you go?
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Virgin Records
The Gap
Bath and Body Works

4.) You never leave home without your...
Killer sunglasses

5.) Pick a quote...
'You put a living room where the crack den used to be!'
'I love it when guys put dresses in their wardrobes. It's the right answer.'
'It's hahrrrible!'
'There is no excuse for nose hair. Ever.'
'I know all about good blow jobs, and this isn't it.'
'Give the man a moment! He's garnishing, for God's sake!'
'That was so Angie Dickinson.'
'John, this is the most boring porn I've ever seen. Ever.'
'Gin makes people happy.'
'It's 1984(on the phone). They want their decorations back.'

6.) How do you deal with a bad day?
Take a bubble bath
Go shopping
Dance to upbeat music
Eat good food
Rearrange your furniture

7.) Pick a drink...
Vodka and cranberry juice
Sex on the Beach
A nice merlot
Pina Colada

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