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» Quiz: What is your inner beauty fairy?
What is your inner beauty fairy?
created by MmmMiKES!

Take this cute quiz to find out which inner beauty fairy you have!

1.) What is your favorite color?
Baby Blue

2.) You are a fairy, what are you wearing?
A Baby blue skirt with a matching top.
Stilettos with fish nets and a pink lingerie.
A black lingerie.
A long white dress.
A gold tutu dress with gold slippers and a wand.
Nothing but my nakedness sitting on my cloud.

3.) What kind of music do you listen to?
Musical instruments.. Like piano and just the piano music.
Rock music, mostly alternative.
Pure hard metal.
Pop and pretty slow songs.
Hip-hop, R&B.. Oh what the heck! All of the above!

4.) What color would your hair be?
Baby Blue

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