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» Quiz: Which High School Label are you?
Which High School Label are you?
created by Dark Child

You may find the results suprising or brutally honest. But that, like how other people see you, is in the eye the Beholder. Either you'll like this test, or you'll think it sucks ass. With my luck: probably the latter. Sorry if I'm a little Emo. Just take the damn test!

1.) Pick a lyric/ saying:
With my last gasping breath, I apologize for bleeding on your shirt.
He who aims at mothing is sure to hit it.
Sometimes things get hotter after the sun goes down,
Don't cry for anyone who won't cry for you.
I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal.
She was never cought up like the rest of the rats in a fu.k..g maze.
I smoke two joints in the morning. I smoke two joints at night.
I'm sorry I can't be perfect.
This test bites. I'm outta Here!

2.) Pick a band.. Any band.
Taking Back Sunday
Rage Against The Machine
Twelve Girls Band
AC/DC all the way!
Good Charlotte
Music is a waste of time.

3.) On a Friday night you'd most likely be...
Studying Of Course. Big Physics test Monday.
After the game, I'd be heading for the big party. Afterwhich I'd then go to Ihop with the rest of my friends.
Concert! Did you know Skindred's playing at the Canal Club?
Home Alone. I don't really have any friends.
Dancing alone in my room at 3 AM
Anti War Convention all the way! (And plus, I heard there was going to be free food.)
Hang out with my friends and watch Jay and Silent Bob with a few kids from school.
Swing by Fred's van. I uh.. heard he got some new uh..

4.) What are your plans after school is over?
Hey Man! Live in the now! Cause.. when you think about it: 99 percent of now is alright.
Touring with my best friend's band!
Put in an anime job in Japan. I'll flip burgers to get out of this town though
Peace Corps! Habitat for Humanity in Uganda is always looking for a few extra hands.
I'm going to Italy for a year to study
Longwood all the way! I'm in Cocks Hall Dorm.
Probably end up working for my dad for the rest of my miserablelife.
You insult my intelligence. I'm an early decision pick for Harvard.
Blah.. The future gives me a headache.

5.) Which one of these song quotes personally describes YOU???
Those who die are justified.
I'm on fire and now I think I'm ready to bust a move.
What ever happened to the young mans heart? Swallowed my pain as he swloly fell apart.

6.) It's School Spirit Day. You:
Do like any other SANE person would do. You skip that day.
Pull the fire alarm so that you can rub your erection on freshman girls.
Are manically depressed most of the day until the pep rally. After that, you slip unnoticed into the bathroom to cut yourself.
Are freaked out. These people are obviously on harder drugs than you.
Hide in the Library. It offers the most solace. and besides.. Preps don't even know where it is.
Were the idiot with bright orange pompoms in your hair.

7.) Pick a movie or TV show.. Any movie or TV Show.
Bowling for Columbine
Nightmare before Chistmas
Sid and Nancy
Peter Pan
Revenge of the Nerds

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