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» Quiz: if i were to make you my sex slave would you enjoy it? (gurlz only pls)
if i were to make you my sex slave would you enjoy it? (gurlz only pls)
created by satanic lil basterd

cmon tell me if yer my type lol : )

1.) what is yer scene (goth, prep, ect)
goth oh yea give me blood damn it!!
prep (this is a dum ques.
sex fiend whip and chains exite me!!!
i dunno i hate this ques.

2.) if you had to chose between one of these which?
to have sex for eturnity
devouring souls
sucking cock
doing school work for perverted lil boys

3.) how much do you like sex?
alot lick me hard and good
alittle i like to be in mood
this question is stupid kuck with all these ques.
i want to be a little drunk before i fuck (gets me turned on)

4.) are you one of these?
kinky as a mother fucker!!!
im a perv i sorta ejoy it (sighs)
sluty i like threesomes
no i wont answer fuck off

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