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» Quiz: Which tortall character are you most like?(WITH GREAT PICTURES)
Which tortall character are you most like?(WITH GREAT PICTURES)
created by 190044

Find Out What Tortall Xharacter You Are, Great Pictures!

1.) What god would have their hand on you?
The Goddess- Mother of all women and mares
The Chamber of Ordeal- The chamber that pages go into and they come out as nights
Kyprioth- The trickster
The Graveyard Hag- The goddess of chaos

2.) What do you want to be when you grow up?
a vetrinarian
a police officer
the first female fenncer
a spy

3.) What kind of magic would you have?
The sight- You can see other peoples magic and over far distances
The gift- the power to heal and use in combat
Wildmagic- the ability to speak, heal, become an animal.

4.) What would you be best at?
a glaive- long spear like thing

5.) What would you look like?
Medium sized, geen hazel eyes, reddish hair
medium sized, brown hair, grey blue eyes
small, purple eyes, red hair
tall, mousey brown hair, hazel eyes

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