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» Quiz: Which of Visoko Playaz are you most like? (English)
Which of Visoko Playaz are you most like? (English)
created by becir

Sooooo...which one are you? Not all personality, as sometime person does not always fit same personality type for everything. Just see which of us you are most like! :) If you are guy and get girl or vice versa, all that mean is this is who you are most like, not that you are that sex. Sooo...no getting mad at me!

1.) What is your dream vacation?
Vacation? When will I have time to leave home?
Paris. So romantic...
Maldive Islands. Combine tropical vacation with interesting place. Great time!
Amsterdam. Life is party!
Greece. History and philosophy...wow, what great place!
China or Thailand. Good eatin' there...
Saudi Arabia.
Anywhere but Saudi Arabia.
Tibet. Those beautiful mountain and great chance to hike and see beautiful scenery!
London. Just my kind of place.
Hit street of Compton. Pilgrim gathering spot for ghetto thugz, like me!
Private bure in South Pacific. With someone of course... ;)
New Orleans. Nothing like jazz...
Caribbean. Have some fun with friends on beach, or make new ones!
New York City! Play hoops on court, and then hit nightlife after dark.

2.) What is your favorite sport?
Basketball. Ballin' it up, yo!
Basketball. But, I cannot actually play sport. I just wear clothes and TRY to look like balla.
Skiing. Nothing like gliding down slopes!
Swimming. I can swim faster than you can drive!
Girly sports!
Soccer/Football. No sport like world's game!
Running. Not just a health thing, really you compete against your self!
Outdoor sports. Mountain biking, rafting, kayaking...all sound good to me!
Hang gliding. Soar above every one else!
Anything rough and where I can pound hell out of opponent.
I do not really care for sport.
Sport is evil!

3.) What is your idea of perfect date?
I am straight up pimp, baby... Hop in my pimped out ride and lets cruise, yun!
Forget date. Move right to whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and nakedness! ;)
Go hit some clubs and dance, dance, dance!
Just quiet night out for two...dinner at nice restaurant.
Oh anywhere old ball and chain want to go is fine by me... :/
Sunset/twilight hike in mountain, roast marshmallow, look at stars.
Go to cafe and discuss philosophy and why we are on earth until early morning.
Lets go some place totally new, that neither has been to before!
How about smooth jazz concert or other music thing?
Put on yo' adidas. We are playin' sports tonight!
Lets have passionate and friendly shouting match abou religion and politics...after all, is this not what is life all about? With coffee, of course..
Go down to river and have twilight picnic.
I want to be surprised!
Idea for perfect date? One where I never screw up for change...
See a movie, and then out for night on town!

4.) How would you describe yourself?
True Playa 4 Real!
Laid back, fun loving.
Oblivious to outside world.
Sex crazy.
Girly-girl who put heart for dot on
Always look for new adventure.
Always looking for future and planning for that.
Everybody's friend.

5.) It is very hot day. You...
Crank air condition way up, complain, and read book all day.
Hit swimming pool!
Do something outside, maybe in mountain, fly kite, or play sport, but something to take advantage of nice weather!
Oh, this hot weather! I just want sex is all...
Put on summer thug gear and go pimpin' up and down streets.
Oh, some thing nice outdoor, but as long as ball and chain come along too.
Take road trip to some place usually you do not go.
Get your crew and go and sit for hours in outdoor cafe.
Sleep in.
Make lemonade!
Show off cute new sun dress you just get.
Still yell about religion and politics, only you do outside now...
Lay out in grass and play musical instrument...Or, just listen to music outside.
Dive head first in river to impress friends.
Go window shopping!

6.) Ok, now is snowing. You...
Dive head first into frozen river to impress friends.
Study for school or do work. This is good chance to catch up because of weather, you can do nothing else.
Show off cute new snow boots!
Go skiing!
Put on big huge puffy down jacket and go pimpin'.
Hit alarm clock, go back to sleep.
Go up in mountain where you really can enjoy snow, and go sledding with friend.
Spend all day to decide what to do.
Constantly sing winter songs to everyone.
Get every body together for hot cocoa.
Crank up heat, grab your book, complain about cold.
Get warm under cover with someone sexy, and, well... ;)
Start snowball fight with friend!
Clear snow from driveway so loved one not have to do this.
Know that now is no excuse to miss reading on religion, politics! After all, much happened, and world not stop for snow!

7.) Ok, now, you have to imagine you are person from Visoko, but even that you are not, still this tell much about you as person. We are at NK Bosna Visoko game, and opponent is big hated rival, Celik Zenica. You...
Yell like crazy for Bosna and against Celik and say ANYTHING. It is only game, and player and fan know this, so be crazy!
Show off cute clothes. Maybe Celik female fan will be very jealous of cute Visoko girls!
Leave significant other at home so can fully enjoy game...but oh well, you have great time!
Yell F YOU CELIK! for entire game non stop.
Intimidate (or at least try to) their fan and player with your ghetto-ness.
Go to game, not because you like, but with all these guy having hormone flowing, maybe can you get some!
Yell only for your team, no need to say bad thing about other team.
Lead every team song and chant. This is great sport to cheer in because so much music is involve!
Forget about cheering. In this game, you are PLAYING!
Get every body ready for this by reminding them every bad thing or prank Celik fan do in past, or heartbreak games, or great memory.
Dream about after party at Diskoteka Puls after we win, baby...
Try to fit as much NK Bosna fan gear on body as possible...every body will know who YOU cheer for!
Do random, crazy things that make people wonder if really they know you, and who you are.
Would not be caught dead at that game.
Are burning Celik flag in parking lot.

8.) We go for ice cream. You want...
One scoop of EVERY kind, son. I am pig to max when come to food!
Vanilija. (Vanila)
Any sort of coffee flavor.
To watch your
To lick that ice cream off some body! Naughty, naughty!
Two different kinds. So...you get two different kinds!
Topping for ice cream in shape of Wu-Tang Clan logo

9.) Compare yourself to famous person. You are most like...
Louis Armstrong. Jazz musician!
Voltaire. Always think about life and why it is we are here.
Any famous sex-crazy female.
Pele. They look up to you because of athletic ability.
Vanilla Ice. You are hard-core to maximum, but still somehow you are and always have been middle class and white.
Mandy Moore. It is all about looking cute and being success!
Aurangzeb (Mughal Emperor). You know tons about politics and how to run thing, but some times you just need to chill!
George W. Bush. What in hell go on outside my country? Honestly, help me...I have no clue!!
David Beckham. Yes, is possible to be superstar AND married, thank you...
Russell Crowe. Hide your indecisiveness with arrogance. Still, you amaze people with ability...
John Kennedy. You see more into future than any body else around you.
Jimmy Carter. Everyone needs to like you, sometime no matter at what cost.
Nelly. Treasure those friend and family you have around you. They are for life. Take time to look at mountains, too...
Bill Clinton. Every where else, they worship you. But at
Winston Churchill. You never will back down, be defeated, or go ten minute without some person quote what you have said.

10.) Last. Somebody give you advice that they think really you need to help change your life. What, most likely, they will tell to you?
We know really who you are. You do not act like who you really are. Just be yourself, and you will be fine...
You are one of smartest people I know. But, you need to tone all this down. You scare some people.
It is ok to have fun every once in while, you know!
Need to stop let significant other dictate life to you. Live some time for your self!
Some time, you just need to be decisive, and not let fear keep from you chance to make decision.
Idealism? That is great. But, as you know, world is harsh and cruel place. Remember that when you make decisions.
To quote Beatles, You Can't Always Get What You Want
Need to stop, you let tragedy run your life way way too much!
Future will come when it come...think about here and now!
Ok, need to recognize that opposite sex is not like your own...
Some time, you just cannot please every body.
Some time, need to stop your self before thing you do. Ask question, is really this who I am?
Girl, TOTALLY you should wear that. And, pink sandal too...
Need to compromise little bit more. You are unique, but that also mean you are not like us. Try to let others get way every now and then.
Some time, parent knows more than you think! Listen to them some time...you do not know every thing yet!

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