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» Quiz: Is He The Right Guy For You???
Is He The Right Guy For You???
created by Gothic Bitch

1.) Where did yall meet??
A Party
Met through a friend, and he was doing drugs at that time...
Cant remember...

2.) What did he first say to you when you saw him???
Hi, nice to meet you...WOW!!! You have a really pertty smile(or pertty eyes, ect.)
Hi...ummm where did your friend go??
Who are you???
What the hell....who are you??? (you tell him your name) Okay, whatever!!!!

3.) What does he like most about you???
your bj's that you give him every night
Or when you ask him he just goes WHATEVER!!!

4.) When does he give you the most attention???
All the time. He really loves you.
When i make him!
Only in bed!
When i am around other guys

5.) Does he have a Wondering eye???
Hell No!! He always lets me know im the ONLY girl he cares for!
Yes....and it once wondered right over to my BEST friend
I dunno

6.) Do you and him like most of the same stuff???
i dunno
NO NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!

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