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» Quiz: Xx Are you a slut? xX
Xx Are you a slut? xX
created by ShadowingWillow6

Well if your not sure if your a slut,this quiz will bluntly tell you your answer

1.) XxYou and your Best Friend are walking through your apartments when you see a guy standing outside his door.xXYou...
XxOoooh,He looks so damn good...(walks over and jumps on him)
XxIgnore him and continue walking but glance back just to see him one last timexX
XxWalk past him,you don't want to get raped or even talked to by such a cute boyxX
XxRoll your eyes as you see a girl jump on top of him and say
XxContinue staring at him imagining shredding his clothes off,but continue walking past himxX

2.) XxYour boyfriend is going out to the store with his mom,and leaves you in his room with 2 of his closest friendsxXYou...
XxFlirt just a little,because I want to seem a little bit funxX
XxAsk them if they wanna have a quickie threesome before your man comes backxX
XxJust hang out and chill,talk about movies or what their plans are for the weekendxX
XxI am very shy when it comes to these types of situations,I don't want anyone to think I am to openxX
XxJust act cool and think about killing any sluts that try and hit on your man while your not aroundxX

3.) XxYou see a girl walking around school with some ass cheek showing shorts and a tube top with little thong sandelsxXYou...
XxAsk her where she got that awesome skimpy outfitxX
XxBeat the shit out of this bitch for looking so goddamn sluttyxX
XxJust stare at her in awe,at least she has the guts to wear something like that,I wouldn't do that till I was at least 21xX
XxThink how can she wear that and whyxX
XxYou scream and close your eyes in fear that something might pop out to say hixX
oops don't click this one

4.) XxWhat do you usually do everydayxX
XxGo visit the football team and start stripping,hehexX
XxHunt down sluts and slaughter themxX
XxHang out with my Best Friend and prank operators,its soooo funxX
XxCheck out some cute guys at the mall but never actually say hixX
XxGo to a party that has alot of fine guys and get their numbers so I might call them sometimexX

5.) XxDo you consider yourself a slutxX
XxFUCK NO!!I hate sluts!!!xX
XxWhat do sluts do?xX
XxWhats a slut?xX
XxI just like sleeping around,If that makes me a slut then HELL YEAH im a slut!xX
XxAt this moment in time I just like sleeping with people that I have talked to or know,so I guess not.xX

6.) XxWhat do you want your date to be likexX
XxA make-out session with a bit of oral and some fingersxX
XxA nice romantic meal with a sweet sensual kiss at the endxX
XxUm,Well there won't be any sex till i am married,so just an arcade or something that doesn't have to consist with alot of touchingxX
XxBeating the shit out of sluts and slut fuckersxX

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