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» Quiz: Would We Fuck? (Guys Only)
Would We Fuck? (Guys Only)
created by hardcore_til_i_die

This ain't just for me to see how sexy I am....um..well ok..maybe it is...

1.) Ok to begin with...are you....
Always Stoned
All Yours Baby yeah!
Too good for you
Oh fuck is this another quiz about sex?

2.) Are you looking for a girl who's...
Orgasmically Fit
Below me..id feel insecure otherwise
Way out of your league so you can boast to your friends
A total slut who will obey you oh mighty master
Anyone will do me..i'm not fussy..now can i stick my huge cock in you?

3.) How far have you been with a girl?
All the way again and again baby!
ive had sex
i'm a virgin but not for long if i like what i see here you sexy little minx
To the movies
a girl?..no way dude i like the guys

4.) What's more important in a girl?
My huge penis baby yeah get your sexy ass over here!!
Good looks and a strong sex appeal
A good sense of humour
Someone who likes me for who i am but also likes me for how much pleasure i give her ;)
Good to talk to..dirty of course
A tight ass and huge tits
Look you filthy whore..we;ve been through this..i want you and i want you now!..right here against this wall!!

5.) What type of clothes do you wear?
Sporty clothes
gothic makeup and crazy shit like that
A nice shirt and tight jeans
Skater/Punk gear..i never go anywhere without my skateboard
Whatever i find on the floor
Whatever you want me to wear baby ;)
Depends on shit like the weather,my mood,who i'm with

6.) ok..a girl walks up to you in a bar/club/whatever and asks if you wanna fuck...you say...
what's there to say?!!ive got her pinned up against the wall thrusting my huge boner in and out of her tight pussy
sure sweet thing il meet u outside in 5 when i can slip away from my girlfriend
well its up to you..but if you wanna..i dont see why not
are you talking to me?
for you??..anything baby..now get your sweet ass in the toilets right now
yes! yes! someone finally wants me!! im wanted!!
your place or mine?

7.) your ideal woman is....
Angelina Jolie
Courtney Love
Cameron Diaz
too good for me
You! suck me off now!!
she has not been born yet and will never come close to you,you fucking preppy bitch

8.) say we got together,how often would you want to have sex?
every day mother fucker!
stop talking,start fuckin you kinky biatch!
once we're married darling
as often as you wanted to.i wouldnt want to pressurise you..
the skys the limit!

9.) your favourite position(if your a virgin..what do you imagine would be your fave)?
good old Missionary
against the wall..our sweating bodies grinding together...uhh fuck yeah!
doggy style!
does anal count?
any fuckin position but i want sex and i want it now!
sex doesn't matter to me
in the words of Tenacious D...what's your favourite posish,that's cool with me it's not my favourite but i'll do it for you

10.) why do you think i'd fuck you?
cos of my ravishing good looks
well...if i don't who the fuck else would?!
cos id wanna make you cum..again..and again..and again...
im a good friend
who wouldnt?!

11.) how do you think you've done??..
who can resist me?
not bad
terrible.please don't hate me
the question is..how do YOU think IVE done? ;)
i always perform well baby
i suck.you suck.this lame quiz sucks.

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