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» Quiz: Does she exist? Would you be compatible with me? (GIRLS only please!)
Does she exist? Would you be compatible with me? (GIRLS only please!)
created by EverDream

I made this quiz because I am very unique and it's hard for me to find someone who is compatible with me. Please be honest, and have fun!

1.) What is your thoughts on god and his written word (The Bible)?
I believe god exists, but I've never really read the bible. But I go to church so that my soul will be saved!
I don't believe in god, or I believe there is no 1 single god the grand maker, but many gods!
I believe the world evolved from the big bang, I believe in science/evolution.
I believe god made everything we see, and I respect and obey his rules of morality in the bible. I don't put anything before god, and never will!
Does this question matter? I just want to have sex!

2.) What are your thoughts on sex?
I'm horny and I want to have sex now please!
I don't just have sex until I know someone pretty well!
I'll have sex when I'm married to someone, that is if are intent is to have a child. God's arrangement basically.
I'm gonna be a good girl and wait til I'm married, but then he's mine and then we will have sex all the time!

3.) What type of music do you like the most?
Rap/Hip-Hop, I love to groove in my lowrider to tha tunez! kno whut I'm sayin?
Pop/R&B, umm, yeah that stuff they play on the radio all the time, I love it!
Country. Those tunes make me wanna giddeyup and go go go!! helps me clean the kitchen faster too!
Swing/Jazz/Easy Listening. Ah the nice mellow music always soothes my soul, I love just relaxing to it after a hard day.
Death Metal/Black Metal and/or Thrash/Speed Metal. Oh yeah, anything with growling vocals, or lyrics about satan rule to me!
Punk/Alternative/Grunge Rock. Yeah this is so totally me!
Symphonic/Melodic Power Metal or Progressive Metal. I love heavy metal that is fast, melodic, with clean vocals, and flashy instrumentation!
oldies/blues or disco or 80s pop/rock. I love the songs I used to listen to on the radio when I was younger, they ruled, they are still my favorite!

4.) Do you smoke or drink? Do you plan to ever smoke or drink? Are a person who is very much
I love drinking, I also smoke, anything that ruins my body is wonderful! :)!
I don't smoke but I drink ocassionally!
I drink alcohol, but not beer, I don't like beer at all.
I am not old enough to drink yet, but I can't wait til I'm 21 so I can!!
I've never drank, but I can't guarantee that'd I'd never want to try one day.
I don't drink, but I smoke, and I am trying to quit too, but I keep falling back.
I have never smoked, I have never drank, and I never will do either one, because it's better to not start, than possibly screw up my life like others.
what? I said I liked Metal and/or Rock! Of course I drink!! I drink all the time, get drunk, smoke, have sex and listen to rock 'n roll, that's me!!

5.) Which is the most disturbing word to you out of the following?

6.) What type of movies do you like?
I love horror films, like the ones by stephen king, and anything really scary!
westerns, and classics
I love all kinds, I am a big movie watcher!
Well I listen to music mainly, and I don't watch tv much, but when I do I like suspense, and romance, and drama sometimes too!
Mainly drama, I love drama and true stories, oh and Romantic comdies are nice too!

7.) Are you musical, do you play any instruments? Or write poetry/songs?
well, I know how to play the -what you played- from school, but I'm not really serious about that. I love to write poetry though!!
I love to read and write poetry, and I play guitar, I love writing songs and playing them!
I'm not that expressive for poetry, but I might be interested in learning an instrument one day.
Are you kidding? I play guitar and piano, I sing, I love writing poetry, and reading it, and writing songs, I'm always doing stuff like this!
I write poetry, but I don't play any instruments, but I want to learn to play guitar reeeeealllly reeaalllllyyy bad!!!
shh... you're making me miss the news! oh and btw there's a really good movie coming on at 8!

8.) What is your ideal environment?
I like the city, it's big and fun and there's malls and clubs everywhere!! so let's party!!
I like the evening, I come awake at night, I'm a night owl, I love cold weather, hate heat, and I like being indoors. I love snuggling in bed too!!!
I love traveling a lot, I want to go to lots of places!!!
I love to swim and be at the beach, or some kind of water, I'm miss aqua for sure!!

9.) Are you more interested in someone who loves with a passion or more interested in a stereotype of a
yes, of course, if he can't do what is the norm, then he's obviously not worth anyone's interest!
well love is important, but someone who works is absolutely necessary for me.
I realize some guys in the world can't do what is the norm, but they may love better than the norm, which imo would matter more in a relationship!
umm, of course, I'm not gonna freakin keep my day job!! haa! you're funny! I'd rather go with some abusive hunk, who has money!

10.) If you marry, do you want to have children? A family?
Of course I want to have children!! what are you crazy? at least 3!
Maybe 2 at the most
yeah but only 1, so it will just be mom dad and child!
well now, children are beautiful, but they are very stressful, and I just want a stress free life with just me and the man I love!
No, but I may change my mind later, and then divorce my husband if he doesn't agree
Only if my husband wanted one too, after all true love is wanting to please each other, that's what makes you happy in return.
I want to be the freakin partridge family and brady bunch combined!, duh!! at least 10 children!!! a maid, a dog, a cat, a horse, all that chaos!

11.) Are your moods casual or extreme? Like for example when you are in a good mood do you take everything as a joke, and laugh like a lot, and etc..
I get upset very easy, I misunderstand things very easily and get upset, not much makes me laugh, and when it does, it's a light chuckle
I guess I'm just average? I laugh at good jokes, and when I need to be serious I can be.
When I'm in a good mood, I laugh at everything, I love silly jokes that are stupid/funny, I am a good listener and am very empathetic.
I'm usually in a crabby mood, so just bite me
I'm usually preoccupied in something, so it's hard to really say my moods and how they are? I don't know.

12.) How do you dress, and present yourself?
I'm gothic, and I dress that way, with the full makeup, and I'm suicidal too, I've cut my wrist soo many times I've lost count.
sk8er style, baggy pants, chains, etc..
man/type clothing always, jeans, tshirt, sneakers
normal balanced, sometimes a skirt, sometimes shorts or capris, sometimes jeans, sometimes athletic wear, sometimes just jammys! :)
lots of skimpy shirts bearing tons of cleavage, tight short mini skirts, high heels, stalkings, something erotically kinky and sexy all the time!

13.) What type of food do you like?
meat, I love meat!! chicken, steak, meat more meat!
veggies, and fruit, I don't eat meat, meat is ewies!
mexican food, italian food, anything with tomato and cheese in them!! and chocolate, soda!! lots of soda!! burgers and fries are yumminess as well!
something not listed here

14.) Which of the following habits do you have? If you don't have any just pick the closest match.
biting finger nails, who needs clippers anyway?
umm, I get restless when I'm nervous
I tend to chew with my mouth open when I eat
grinding your teeth
I bite my nails, but only when I'm nervous!
I crack my knuckles (any)

15.) this has been a long quiz, what do you think your chances are of passing this quiz and being compatible with me?
I don't know, but I'll take your word for it and say, not very likely at all, so if I pass, then we've freakin got something here!! I'll contact you!

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