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» Quiz: What Color Best Describes You?
What Color Best Describes You?
created by Mistyhorserider

You may have a FAVORITE Color...but is it your Personal Color?

1.) Today's a bright sunny day! You can do ANYTHING you wish! You:
Gather some of your friends and exchange jokes and different riddles.
Have a picnic! Perfect to spend time in the sun and try out your new favorite foods!
Help your friends out with a few of their problems.
Bound around in a meadow with a bunch of your very best friends
Spend the day painting a pictures of the trees, since the lighting is PERFECT!
Go on a nature hike, bird watch, and maybe try something new with a friend.
Play a game that's risky, and maybe work out a little.

2.) What's your favorite kind of TV show?
Something that has fighting and stuff in it!
Something that proves rainbforests are needed in this world.
A love story or something with a happy ending.
It must be artistic! Something new! Not like others.
Maybe a cooking show, I enjoy learning to cook!
Something that has team work in it. Like a super hero league.
A sports story. Victory must be written opon it's face.

3.) What's your favorite color?

4.) What's your favorite animal?
The love bird, always cheerful.
The horse, so wild and free like the wind.
The tiger, a true show of strength and power
The peacock, a true work of art
Any dog, loyalty is something that must be treasured.
A goat, enjoys climbing and eating.
Cats, they cheer you up when you're lonely

5.) What's your favorite number?
1, I enjoy being the leader!
2, First is the worst, second is the best!
3, third try's a charm.
16, it's a sweet mumber
18, when I'll be on my own.
21, when a princess can become a queen
I don't have one because it's always changing

6.) What's a quote that you COULD be found using?
'Food creates energy, but only a great cook can make the right kind!'
'People are like art, each is different in their own special way.'
'Friends to the end!'
'If you have a problem, find a way to get over it'
'Practice makes Perfect; perfect makes victory'
'Nature is a part of earth, if you want to survive...let nature live'
'Risk doesn't mean dangerous...it just means no wimps allowed.'

7.) What's your ideal friend like?
Enjoys art and music
Is cheerful and loving
Some one who's not afraid to follow my lead
A great cook and enjoys playing on a sunny day.
Loves peace and is a loyal person
Is not afraid to try something new and is mellow
Like cheering people up and is organized.

8.) Favorite Sport?
Horseback riding

9.) Favorite cartoon character?
Raphael from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'
Bubbles from 'The PowerPuff Girls'
Garfield from 'Garfield the Movie'
Supergirl from 'Justice League Unlimited'
Beast Boy from 'Teen Titans'
Patrick from 'Spongebob Squarepants'
Jenny from 'My Life as a Teenage Robot'

10.) Favorite way to get around?
In a car...duh.
My bike
Depends...where am I going?
Something that will catch others attention

11.) Dream Home?
In the Clouds
Somewhere peaceful
Open meadows
The outback
Spain or Mexico

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